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The OOPic Handbook for your work bench.

Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller is now available in the at all your favorite book stores and on-line shops, click on the book to the left to be taken to the Amazon.com listing.

Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller covers all the basics of installing the OOPic IDE and programming hardware and how to troubleshoot it. The programming of the OOPic is presented in a step by step manner to help you design code for the way the OOPic is intended to be used. The topics surrounding Virtual Circuits are especially emphasized to help you get the most performance from your OOPic. This book is filled with diagrams and schematics that show you how to interface a variety of hardware to the OOPic, especially those pertaining to LCD's, switches and robotics. OOPic math, object linking, advanced concepts like I2C and SCP programming are fully covered and explained in detail. Every programming chapter has loads of source code which is dutifully duplicated on the included CD-ROM along with the OOPic IDE software, I2C toolkit and even Palm software that is used to control the OOPic R in robotics projects

Finally, if that isn't enough for you, this book includes a complete property and methods listing of every OOPic object in every firmware version. I have worked with the OOPic creator to update every object in the OOPic manual to have the correct and up-to-date definitions of all objects. If it is in this book, it is the latest information and as functionally correct as you can find it - In fact it is more up-to-date than the OOPic web page manual itself! I've also been keeping a bug list, you can get that list as a PDF file here. Stay tuned to these errata pages for any changes.

NEWS FLASH! The OOPic programming book is now available from the author (me) in PDF format. The entire book, the source code and tools can be had for $10, contact me via email for payment and delivery details.

Rocky Mountain Talent Search SUMMER INSTITUTE at the University of Denver
I taught the RMTS Robotics class at DU in the summer of 2003. Here is the link to class notes and other information about this class. I'm glad you had fun students!
The book to have for building robotics drive trains.

Building Robot Drive Trains by me and Michael Owings is now available at the on line bookstore of your choice, also at Barnes and Noble for those of you that like to thumb through stuff before you buy (like me). Go here to see it.

Building Robot Drive Trains is all about how to interface to all those popular motor driver chips, how to determine what size motor you need for your robot, how to use stepper motors (and figure out what you have!), how to use and hack hobby servos, how to use feedback to control motor speed, how to mount wheels and tank tracks, how to make insect legs, and much more. This book is packed with step by step instructions, schematics, explanations and drawings and pictures. in short, if you want to know how to make your robot go, this book will help you to do so. Are you convinced yet? Good.

If you find a problem or mistake with anything in the book, and there will be some, no matter how many editors and proofreaders look at it, then send me an email and I'll correct it and include it on the errata page. Thanks for telling me!


TTT Enterprises

Consulting and Contracting

TTT Enterprises is me, Dennis Clark, and I am a software development engineer who also has an AAS degree in electronic engineering technology and am doing off and on graduate studies in behavioral robotics. So I am a software developer with a strong digital electronics background and a passion for robots. I am available for short term projects in embedded automation and sensors.


Robotics and Electronics Links

Here you'll find links to electronics sites, robotics sites, sites with circuit designs, sites for mechanical kits and devices, pictures of robots, books for robots, microcontroller sites, hobbyist sites, manufacturers sites, FAQ's and a bunch of my other web pages as well. Every once and a while a link will go dead, this is a pretty volatile time for our hobby, let me know if you find a dead link. I'm at this location.
I am constantly building more and newer robots as well as experimenting with new programming techniques and styles. Those of you who know me know that I am a devote' to Rod Brooks' subsumption style reactive behavioral robotic programming. This is my most recently updated set of robots, its always out of date though, so keep looking back from time to time to see what else has appeared on the scene.

As I experiment I come up with decent designs that others are interested in. I sell these kits here for a small price, mostly as a service to the robot hobbyist community. This is my most recent collection of sensors that I sell. There will be more added as I find time to stock them. I fully intend to add a selection of PIC and ATMEL based controller boards with unique aspects designed in such that they are of particular interest to the robotics hobbyist!.


Many of my for sale kits also appear here for the sake of the experimental hobbyist who has more time than money. In most cases they are not the most up to date software or circuit from my lab. That is the price you pay for DIY! These pages are intended as instructional aids to the budding enthusiast and I enjoy talking about new techniques and ideas, so feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions.

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