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I have gotten back into robotics in a big way after many years out of the hobby. There has never been a better time to be a robot hacker! I am finding that I like providing sensor and control pieces of the puzzle as much as actually building my own robots. I have now built five robots and two walking ones. I have a couple of the Lego Mindstorms kits as well to experiment with and man are these cool! Anyway, look around, there is bound to be something useful. Have fun!

I've changed my pages some, in the hopes of reducing what I get charged for folk coming by! All the information and pictures are still here, they are just out on their own pages now.

Pictures and descriptions of my current set of robots

The 90S2313 Robot board and BASCOM/AVR code examples

Polaroid SONAR How to get it and how to use it Hacks for two kinds of Polaroid SONAR

Sensor Projects you too can build

Source Code Projects

Bookmarks That are Really Useful

The Robotics FAQ

The Robotics MiniFAQ

IR Proximity Sensor Comparisons (Compiled by LRB from my posts, thanks guys!)

"What robot controller is best?" My comparisons of the most popular ones (That I've used)

Electronics Retailers

Alltronics Home Page
Marlin P Jones - Great for cheap video, pyroelectric and motors
Avnet Electronics (Bulk usually)
B.G. Micro - Electronics and Surplus
Digikey Electronics
Douglas Electronics, Inc.
EE Design Center
ExpressPCB - PC board layout software and low cost board manufacturing service.
Jameco Electronics
JDR Microdevices
All Electronics
Newark Electronics
Abacom Tech. Radio Frequency Components, very inexpensive for us!
WZMicro, very good motor driver source
BALSA Products - inexpensive RC items
MECI - a great motor and hobbiest supplier for "bigger" robots too.

Compilers and Assemblers

C2C Free PIC and Scenix compiler
CodeVision AVR C compiler - Free limited memory model!
BASCOM AVR Basic compiler for the AVR controllers Free demo! Must see!
CCS Pic Compilers and Stuff
ImageCraft Compilers
RCX CC for Mindstorms
NQC for Lego Mindstorms
Java for Lego Mindstorms!
Oh yeah, Microchip!
And of course, Parallax
Simple Real Rime Java

Electronics Design and Hobby Pages

4QD Circuits Page
SAMs Photofax - The place for schematics to stuff
Easy PC boards with no laser printer!
Harry's Homebrew circuits pages
Speed Controller Project (look to the bottom for FET design)
MOSFET data sheets
MOSFET Design notes
CADsoft, has demo software
Circuit Cellar Home
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Supercircuits Inc.
Tandy IC reference stuff
Electronics info page
Electronics Bullitin Boards

Microcontroller Merchants

DonTronics Home Page.
Vesta Technology - boards and Basic compilers, great value
DonTronics - Scott Edwards Electronics.
Welcome to Parallax, Inc.
BASICX Microcontrollers
Servo Controller by FerretTronics
Peter Anderson/Morgan State University(very good values)
Wirz Electronics Home Page
Microchip Technology Inc.: Welcome to Planet Microchip
Robotic and Microcontrollers Products
Newfound Electronics PIC Programmers
Igruana Labs - AVR and misc electronics products.
LEGO RCX sensor stufff

Microcontroller Pages and Designs

MAPP Excellent AVR sources pages
M68HC11 Literature
Dissecting the Polaroid Pronto for its SONAR
What is I2C?
Great 68HC11 programming information
UC/OS RTOS pages
DonTronics - David Tait's PIC Links
Stanford U Robotic Control Course
Robots and AI
Some Speech circuits
OOPIC Robotic Projects
OOPIC SONAR/Polaroid -1
OOPIC SONAR/Polaroid -2
BASIC Stamp Decoded
Linux Embedded Project UCLinux
Macintosh Robotics Pages
Hacking the GameBoy Camera

Mechanical and Tools

AS&S Home Page
W.M. Berg, Inc Precision Mechanical Components
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Sherline Miniature Machine Tools
Motionex Home Page

Robotics Kits, Supplies, Components

Lynxmotion Robot Kits
Mark III Robot Store - THE source for the PARTs Mark III sumo robot
Budget Robotics - Gordon McComb's family robot store.
Bluebell Designs, home of LIBBY the robot and robot controllers
RoboCam - cameras for your robot
Really inexpensive motor stuff! WZ Micro
Zagros Robotics Kits and Supplies
Acroname, Robotic Kits and stuff
NovaSoft Robots - Mr. Robot
Arrick Robotics
Mondotronics,Robot Store
HVW TECHNOLOGIES: Robotics Equipment & Accessories
Welcome to New Micros Inc
LEGO Worlds
Norland Research and the SAM robot
Dinsmore Sensors
Speach synth boards, pricey but standalone

Magazines and Personal Robot pages

Max's Little Robot Shop - Robots, CNC, molding, processor projects. Lots of cool stuff
Stephan Adelsberger's Handyboard robots
ROBOWHO- Kinda robotic info clearing house
Ed LeBouthillier's ebot pages - good information
Robot Location Methods and "Where am I?" by Johann Borenstein
Robot Books - Good information resources
Karl Lunt's Home Page
Roger's Embedded Controller Pages
Lego Mindstorms Internals
Mindstorms sensors explained
LEGO Mindstorms add-on: BotKit
ROBOT Science & Technology Magazine's Online Supplement for Educators, Students, Hobbyists & Enthusiasts
Ade's Page Balancing leg
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents
Cricket the Robot
Stepper Motors Explained
Polaroid Camera SONAR Hack
Some old SONAR notes
Pitronics Spider, very cool
PID Loops Explained
comp.speech FAQs
Legged Robot Builder Links
LOSA - List of Stamp Applications
LOAA - List of AVR Applications

Groups and Clubs

TRCY Robotics club
Home Brew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley
Atlanta Robotics Group
Seattle Robotics Society
DPRG - Dallas Personal Robotics Group Web Page
Society of Robotic Combat
Robotics Society of Southern California
legobot memelink
LUGNET Robotics group
Legged Robot Builder

Robotic Behaviour and Programming

Neural Network Construction explanations - very nice stuff by M. Verlinden
Fuzzy Logic Construction
Machine Intelligence Lab
Fuzzy Logic and Autonomous Robots
Robot Navigation Papers
Neural Systems Engineering

Robot Manufacturers

Mining Robots and RPVs
Bluebell Designs, home of the LIBBY robot, controller and products
ISE Ltd. - Highly Integrated Engineered Solutions for Subsea, Space and Terrestrial Markets
K-Team Robotics, Makers of Khepera and Koala research robot platforms
Omnitech Robotics, Inc. - Home Page
Gecko Systems - Home Robot, not a kit!
Naval military robots - very interesting stuff
YAER (Yet Another Educational Robot) site

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