Dennis Clark and Today's Toys and Technology



Welcome to TTT Enterprises.

I am Dennis Clark and my background is in UNIX, electronics engineering and computer science. I am an on-again, off-again graduate student in behavioral robotics officially, and a robotics researcher all the time in-between.

These days I am primarily an embedded automation engineer, I have been doing embedded engineering design and software for the last 9 years and I am fluent in Microchip PIC assembler and C usage on that hardware. I have expertise with Atmel AVR hardware's assembler, C and BASIC language usage, 68HC11, Parallax Stamp, Netmedia BasicX and OOPic embedded environments. I do all my own digital design and PC layout work and can get boards made for you too. A genuine one-stop embedded workshop. My list of customers include startup companies, robotics companies and Special Effects (FX) companies. I have extensive experience with embedded motion control, IR communications, proximity detection and LCD interfacing. Check out my projects pages for examples of my nonproprietary work. Email me for my embedded resume'.

If you have a project and your current staff is already overworked, give me a call, I can do it. Contact me for information and bids.