The Marketplace (things that I sell)

These products are for sale as long as folk are interested. Its here as a shortcut in case you either don't want to, or can't build it as a project. Add $1 for shipping in most cases, contact me if you are interested. Have fun!

Click on a picture to get a better (larger) view, Click on the text link for the project description.

TTT Serial Servo Controller chip. This chip will control up to 4 RC hobby servos with a single 2400 8N1 (8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit) serial line with six bits of resolution. This means that each servo can be controlled independently with 63 different positions. There are 63 positions instead of 64 because '0' has a special meaning. When a 0 is sent to servo 0 the chip disables servos 0 and 1, but not servos 2 and 3, when a 0 is sent to any other servo than servo 0 then servos 0 and 1 are re-enabled. You can still set the values for servos 0 and 1 while they are off and when they are enabled they will act on their settings. I've found that with hobby servos the best way to get them to stop is to just stop sending them pulses...
TTT Serial PWM chip. This is a single chip that accepts single byte commands that either latch direction pins or set the PWM percentage. The PWM duty cycle has 7 bits of resolution for 128 discrete values. The PWM frequency is 1KHz and will work fine with most small DC motors. Commands are given over a 9600 8N1 (8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit). Note the PWM chip controls a single DC motor.


TTT IRPD kit. This is a PIC12C508 based sensor that will detect an obstruction and report it either as to the left, to the right or both (dead ahead). The design uses a form of fuzzy logic which keeps track of background noise dynamically and will "lock on" to an object and continue to see it even after it is somewhat past the range where it was first detected. This kit comes with all the components needed to build it. Select from 38KHz or 56.7KHz frequencies when you order.

For those of you out there that have TRaCY robots (and there are about 80 of you) there is an upgrade to the robot to remove forever the onus of using "pulsout" to move your servos. The TRaCY SSC upgrade kit contains all you need to add a coprocessor that will control up to four hobby servos. The SSC kit allows you to send single byte commands from the Stamp II to the servo controller. For more information on how to program the chip, see the TTT Serial Servo Controller chip information above. For those interested, here is the schematic of what you will get in the kit. Click on the picture to the left to see what the installed board looks like.