Dennis Clark

Published by McGraw Hill 2003

Errata Page

This page will collect all the errors in the text and my corrections to them. May they be few and simple.

Chapter 2, page 42, Figure 2-13

The I/O lines are correctly labeled but the pins are wrong; pin 39 is IO23 and pin 37 is IO22.

Chapter 2, page 51, sentence 1

Should read "You can choose any address from 1 to 7, all OOPics will answer to address 0."

Chapter 4, p93, paragraph 3, line 5

"or 2p" should be "or 2pi"

Chapter 5, p104,105,"The Voltage Divider Circuit"

The PIC prefers a parallel impedance equivalent of 10K maximum, so use a 20K and 22K resistor here if your circuit is behaving poorly. Modify the formulae on these pages to match these two new resistor values.

Chapter 5, p116, Figure 5-6 and p120, Figure 5-9

Power pins for ground and +5V are swapped, +5v is Pin 22 and Ground is Pin 24


Chapter 7, Figure 7-3

This should have shown an 8-bit sequence of SCI (serial communication interface), but it only shows 7 bits, it should look like this:

Chapter 11, p300, \ Begin Escape Sequence

Add "Snode can be any number from 0 to 7, all devices will answer to \0 however."

Chapter 11, p306, paragraph 2, line 4

"...mode and replies with a J" should be a lowercase j as sixth word

Appendix A, Table A-41(oByte)

Memory Size should read 2 Bytes

Appendix A, Table A-49 (oWord)

Memory Size should read 3 Bytes, Signed(Bi) should say "as a 16 bit signed number whose value is -32768 to 32767."

Appendix B, Table B-27 (oPWMX)

The Value property should read "The value to set the PWM on-time to (0-15).