Meet Don Norris
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Don Norris was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1946. He graduated from Wichita High School South and received a BS in Education and an MS in Vocational Education from the Kansas State University of Pittsburg, Kansas in 1969. He has taught in public schools for 13 years and has taught private classes for over 20 years. He has won numerous honors for his jewelry throughout his silversmithing experience. He now teaches classes in his own private classrooms in Boulder and Loveland, Colorado. Please take a look at the photos of each room on this site. You can also check out all the classes that are available by following this link:


Don also offers online classes. Follow this link for more information:

An Online Class for Beginners or Anyone That Enjoys
Jewelry or Jewelry Making, including Experienced Silversmiths.

Don lives in Estes Park , Colorado at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, with his wife, Kay. They have two sons, Chris and Greg.

They have two cats and a dog. The white cat, Jazzmine, was a gift from Chris. Jazz is Kay's cat. Kay can not sit down without Jazz jumping into her lap. The black poodle mutt was rescued by Chris when he worked as an Animal Control Officer. It was an abused animal and it has taken years to make friends with him, but he is now a great little loving dog. His name is Cricket, and he is mostly Kay's dog. Kay cannot sit down without Cricket jumping into her lap. This keeps her busy, of course. The gray cat's name is Smokey. He was rescued from the pound, and is a great lover. When he is not in Kay's lap, he is Don's cat and always wants attention.

Don's son Chris has a new puppy named Angel. Here are two photos.

Don's hobbies include: photography, rock collecting, lapidary, silversmithing, silvercasting, welding, drawing, hiking, and sculpting. Be sure to revisit this site for updates of photos or his work.