Tufa Stone Casting
Compliments of Lloyd Butterfield
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Steps and Pictures

This is Tufa stone purchased from Thunderbird Supply: Photo

Cut pieces of Tufa stone for carving: Photo

Carved Tufa stone. I have shadowed it to show carving: Photo

Carved Tufa stone, carbonized: Photo

Carved Tufa stone, tied and ready to take molten silver: Photo

Button showing after pouring: Photo

This shows the piece in half of the Tufa mold: Photo

This is the casting after it has been removed from the mold: Photo

Pickled casting, ready to be worked: Photo

Here is the finished casting: Photo

I cut the Tufa stone into pieces the proper size to carve. After carving, it was soaked overnight in a mixture of water, borax, boric acid, and sodium phosphate, then dried, carbonized with a torch, and finally, cast.

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