Tips of the Month

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December, 1999 tip--Stretching Twisted Wire
January 2000 tip--Soldering Other Metals to Silver
February 2000 tip--Making Jewelry to Sell
March 2000 tip--Soldering Tips for Silver
April 2000 tip--Making Silver Balls
May 2000 tip--Stopping Tarnish
June 2000 tip--Making a Spring Bail
July 2000 tip--Making Twisted Wire
August 2000 tip--Making Sharp Bends in Wire
September 2000 tip--Hard Solder
October 2000 tip--Making an Open-Backed Pendant
November 2000 tip--Casting a Spider
December 2000 tip--Needle Casting
January 2001 tip--Soldering on Silver Balls
February 2001 tip--Using a Ball Burr
March 2001 tip--What Polishing Wheel to Use in Your Flexshaft
April 2001 tip--What is the best torch to use?
May 2001 tip--Dealing With Soldering Problems
June 2001 tip--Fixing soldering blocks
July 2001 tip--Making Simple Ear Wires
August 2001 tip--Overlay
September 2001 tip--Valve Care
October 2001 tip--Silver Organization
November 2001 tip--Jump Rings
December 2001 tip--Polishing Chains
January 2002 tip--Making Unique Waxes
February 2002 tip--Making Coin bezels

An Online Class for Beginners or Anyone That Enjoys
Jewelry or Jewelry Making, including Experienced Silversmiths.

Printable Calibrated Stone Size Chart. (Make Sure to Print it Full Size for Measuring Accuracy) Download this file if you have ClarisWorks 4.0 or better.
Melting Temperatures of Various Metals and Fineness of Silver.
Gauge Conversion Chart.
Moh's Scale of Hardness.

I spend much of my time debunking myths that people have about certain practices surrounding silversmithing. This small section will be devoted to throwing some light on these fallacies.
The amazing exploding lighter
Three solders myth: Part 1
Three solders myth: Part 2
Three solders myth: Part 3