22 or 62 - Blood Bowl Match (City & Seaport only, otherwise treat as normal)

This evening a Blood Bowl match is being played in the city, and your warrior's favourite team is playing (the other warriors aren't interested - they support different teams). If your warrior decides to go and support his team, he must pay 20 gold for a cheap ticket, which gets him a seat with the rabble, or 50 gold for a better seat.

If your warrior has a cheap ticket, roll a D6 on the following table to find out what happens to him:

1: Ouch!

Your warrior is hit by a rock thrown by the opposing crowd. This is exceedingly painful, and your warrior is out of action for the next day, during which time he may not do anything, but need not roll a settlement event. He must pay living expenses as normal. In addition, if he does not pay D6 x 10 gold (or 1 item of treasure if he doesn't have enough) for healing, he is at -1 starting wounds permanently

2: Bad Tip

As a result of a tip from 'Honest' Bob, who incidentally works for the opposing team's bookies, your warrior places a bet of D6 x 10 gold on one of the teams winning the match. Unfortunately, he loses his bet, but 'Honest' Bob does spend most of the night looking for his teeth as a result.

3: Rat on a stick

At half time, your warrior chances upon a trader selling 'rats on a stick' the latest franchise from MacMurty's Your warrior may buy up to D6 rats for 50 gold each. They count as one provision each, but only go off on a roll of 1, 2 or 3 after each adventure.

4: Woof woof!

A small mongrel charges onto the pitch soon after the game has started. It seizes the ball, and runs off with it, only to be mobbed by both teams five yards from the goal line. If your warrior has a pet dog, he suddenly realises that the dog on the pitch is his own pet! The dog is never seen again, but if it belonged to your warrior, he spends 50 gold on drink in the tavern that night, to drown his sorrows in/celebrate losing his dog. (you decide which)

5: Good tip

Luck is with your warrior tonight, and his side bet on the result of the game wins him D6 x 20 gold.

6: Get the Ref.!

A shout goes up from the stand your warrior is in that the referee has been bought, and with his fellow fans, your warrior decides to exact vengeance!

A mad scramble ensues, and your warrior comes out of it with the referee's whistle, and a sense of satisfaction in seeing justice done. He may blow the whistle once per adventure, and all adjacent models to him lose one attack on a roll of 4, 5 or 6, deafened by the whistle.

If your warrior has bought a more expensive ticket, roll a D6 on the following table:

1: Morley's Revenge!

After the team has gone back onto the pitch after half time, your warrior foolishly decides to take a swig from the barley water barrel, which has been drugged. Roll a D6 - on a 1-3 the drug has no effect. On a 4-6 your warrior is at -1 toughness for the next adventure

2: Help the coach

Your warrior finds himself sitting just above the coach's bench, and shouts in a position to shout advice to him. On a crucial play, the desperate coach listens to your warrior and calls the play, which results in a touchdown. The coach is so impressed that he gives you a free ticket (an expensive one) to come and see the team next time you are around when they play!

3: The Big Match

This match is one of the major league games this season, and as a result there are cabalvision network wizards everywhere. Your warrior is picked as a typical fan for the half time interview, and as well as seriously insulting the opposing team, manages to get in some good publicity for his party, with the result that if anyone in the party is forced to leave any one of the next three settlements you visit, on a further roll of 4-6 on a D6, he are recognised as being honest by the militia, and permitted to stay.

4: Merchandising

Your warrior finds a stall selling items with his team logo on, and like the true dedicated fan he is, cannot avoid buying something. Roll a further D6 to determine what he buys: 1-2 Baseball Cap (cost 20 gold)

3-4 T-shirt (cost 30 gold)

5-6 Rattle (cost 30 gold)

The rattle has the same effect as a whistle ( see 6 on the other table)

The T-shirt is light and strong, and for one adventure only counts as a cloak of Loren (told you it was strong!), but it won't break. After the adventure it is too weak to use for protection again, but your warrior still owns it (it may come in useful, who knows)

The baseball cap is worn with pride by your warrior, and makes him easy to spot, meaning that should he ever venture out of range of the lantern, on a D6 roll of 4-6 he is spotted by his friends wherever he is thanks to the bright colours on the cap, and they can guide him to safety.

5: That might come in useful!

After the match, your warrior charges onto the pitch with the fans, and manages to find something useful amongst the discarded items on the pitch. Roll a D6 : 1-2 Knuckle-dusters

3-4 Throwing stars (1 bag)

5-6 D3 bandages (from the apothecary's stretcher!)

These are normal items of their type - see the roleplay book for details.

6: That boy's got talent!

A missed pass causes the ball to come soaring into your warrior's hands! He chucks it back onto the pitch, and with unerring accuracy it lands in the hands of the intended receiver of the first pass. The head coach immediately spots your warrior, and offers you a temporary one game contract to replace an injured thrower! (sorry, you're not good enough for a permanent position, but this is Warhammer Quest not Blood Bowl!) If you choose to accept, your warrior must miss the next adventure completely (making him none too popular with his friends) unless they stay in the settlement for three weeks. If not, you meet them in the next settlement they come to (for convenience's sake!) Of course your fee for playing the match is a hefty 3D6 x 100 gold! (If you're truly nuts you can play a Blood Bowl match with your warrior on the team to find out what happens! I'll leave this up to you to work out, but if your warrior is particularly successful, feel free to increase his fee by another D6 x 100 gold. Of course if he is injured, well……)