This ancient jewel once belonged to Azhim the Fell-Handed, a powerful sorcerer of the lands of Araby. It looks like a large diamond yet is jet black in colour. It's power lies in it's ability to entrap victims and turn their life force into potent bolt of raw power. Unfortunately the jewel seems to attract every conceivable source of energy and as such the bearer runs the risk of being sucked in as well. Such a fate happened to Azhim himself and his tortured screams can still be heard emanating deep within the jewel.

Every monster slain by the warrior with the jewel has their soul sucked into the matrix of the gem. For every "soul" sucked into the gem confers a +1 Strength bonus to the Gem's Bolt of Power. Any magic-using monsters or warriors sucked into the Gem add a +2 bonus. Small things such as rats, spiders, bats and anything smaller than a man only counts as half a point of power as their life-force is less than normal.

The Bolt of Power may be cast once for free. The bolt has a range of 5 squares and a strength of 5. It causes 3D6 wounds upon the target. If the target is slain then all the models that surround the target suffer a strength 4 hit which causes 2D6 wounds, for every one of these new models that is slain then every model that surrounds them also suffers a strength 3 hit which causes D6 wounds.

Once a bolt has been unleashed the power of the Gem is used and must recharge. The Gem recharges by absorbing the souls of slain enemies as normal and may not be used until it has absorbed five souls worth of energy (i.e.:- the warrior must kill five models before the gem can be used again).

At the end of each turn roll a D6 for every model adjacent to the warrior and for the warrior with the gem as well. On a 1-2 each model suffers D6 + 1 wounds unmodified for toughness or armour.


Daemon blood is not actually daemon blood but a extremely potent form of acid. It is a thick black liquid and can eat thorough almost any material, the only material known to be able to resist it is obsidian. The acid can be used to open any locked door permanently, it can be thrown at an enemy, or it can be used to dissolve the very floor of the dungeon (this is potent stuff!). There is enough Daemon Blood to destroy an area of 2x2 squares or dissolve a single door. When thrown it causes 4D6 unmodified wounds, even magical armour won't protect against this evil liquid!

Any armour worn by the monster is also destroyed in the process.

BLADE OF LYCOS:- 1000 GOLD. (NOT Wizard).

This blade was forged in the flames of a dragon and steeped in the blood of a daemon. It's surface is covered in a myriad of forgotten runes that hurt the eyes and give of a dull red glow. When held in the hand the blade becomes a lethal weapon indeed. Due to its small size it can be used at amazing speed yet it's edge is capable of slicing granite into two.

When used in hand-to-hand combat, it adds +1 to the warrior's attack characteristic. When rolling for damage the blade adds +1 to the roll and the warrior may re-roll each damage dice once to determine the damage. Against armoured targets the blade ignores up to 3 points of armour although magical armour is unaffected.

As well as this, if the blade is not used in hand-to-hand combat then it may be thrown as a missile attack up to a range equal to the warrior's strength. When thrown the blade has a strength value of 6 and it causes 2D6 wounds. It may still ignore up to three points of armour. Once thrown the blade magically returns to the warrior next turn. As with other missile attacks this uses up all normal attacks.


This small stone was created by Val'halish, a vile sorcerer from the North. Val'halish lost one of his eyes during a battle against some Norse raiders. As a result he created a false eye that enhanced his power.

This stone allows the wearer to see in the dark just as if they had a lantern. In addition to this they are never ambushed by any monsters. Roll a D6 in every End Phase; if the result is a 1 then the power of the stone has finally become exhausted. It's value is halved and may no longer be used.

The Amythest Scythe:- 1000 GOLD. (Wizard Only)

The Amythest Scythe is the symbol of the Amythest College, the most mysterious cult of the Colleges of Magic. It form is that of a long shaft of bone with no blade. Upon it's shaft there are many mysterious and complex runes that twist and swirl with power. When in the hands of a wizard they begin to eminate a purple light that coaleses to form a blade of purple fire.

When used the blades causes an extra D6 wounds. If a natural 5-6 is rolled to hit then the blade causes an extra D6 wounds. The shaft acts just like a Wizards Staff so it can be used to store power.

The blade ignores all armour including magical.

Gauntlet of Obsidian:- 1200 Gold.

This gauntlet has the colour of shining black, and is ice cold to the touch. It's surface swirls with unseen power. It is amazingly light yet much harder than any blade. Once put on it fuses with the wearer's flesh until it becomes one with the wearer. The gauntlet draws on the wearer's life-force to sustain it's power but increses the warrior's strength ten-fold.

Once per turn the gauntlet may unleash a beam of utter darkness upto four squares in range. ALL models under the line of fire are viable targets, each one being hit on a 3+. If any of the targets are hit then they suffer 2D6 unmodified wounds. Any model slain by the gauntlet adds +1 to the Warrior's Starting Wounds for one adventure. At the end of the adventure any wounds gained are lost. This attack must be made at the beginning of the turn BEFORE ANY other warrior attacks.

If a 1 is rolled in the Power Phase then the warrior wearing the Gauntlet suffers D6 wounds with no modifiers.



These bones have been enchanted with the power to give some idea of when an unexpected event is going to occur. When the first unexpected event occurs after the Bones have been found, the event may be re-rolled.