These are some events that can occur in a prison cell

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Note: Starvation: Each warrior has to eat to if he wants to survive and be fit enough to travel and fight in the dark dungeon. The prison cells in the old world, however, aren't famous for their gastronomic achievements, and a lack of food in prison cells is quite common.
If the warriors haven't eaten for two successive days, they loose one point of toughness. From then on, each day without food will cause them to loose another point of toughness. The only way for a warrior to regain his toughness points, is to eat in one of the taverns or guest houses in a settlement.
The warrior however, will spend the entire day in the tavern eating and drinking, and will spend 50 gold doing so. While eating, your warrior has no time to visit any other location in the settlement.

Prison Events table:

11. Giant rats: Suddenly 1D6+2 rats(or more) enter the prison cell, attacking the prisoners. As the prisoners are unarmed, damage should be resolved as such (i.e. no strength bonus). After all the rats have been killed, roll 1D6 for each warrior on the following table:

12. Uneventful day.

13. Prison Riot: Just when the warrior got the hang of the easy life in prison, a riot breaks loose between two groups of prisoners. The warrior has to choose a side. Roll 2D6 for each group of prisoner, adding 1 for each warrior in the group. The group with the highest result wins the battle, and is denounced Leading Gang of Prison Cell nr 31. In case of famine, the warriors from the defeated group do not get a chance to take advantage of an unexpected food supply such as with the giant rats event.

14. Encounter: Wounded Wizard: A wounded wizard is brought into the prison cell. If the warriors decide to help the wizard, roll 1D6 on the following table:

15. Little Girl: A small girl is standing outside the prison wall. She looks around carefully, looking for guards, and then throws a basket inside. It is filled with food, beer, and a note stating that her father had been locked up in here for too long.

16. Games: The warriors have become the victims of the guards' boredom. The guards start throwing rocks at the prisoners heads, much to the latters annoyance. The game abruptly ends when your warrior (use a warrior counter to determine which one) manages to catch one of the rocks with his mouth. Congratulations, you just lost one tooth.

21. Encounter: Ebber Laflink: In the prison cell, the warriors meet Ebber Laflink, a rather frequent visitor of this prison, that manages to get drunk almost every day (except for when he's in prison that is). Ebber is quite familiar with the life in prison, and he only leaves when he's thirsty. How he does it, nobody knows, but he seems to be able to escape from every prison cell he is in. Roll a 1D6 on the following table:

22. Uneventful day.

23. Careless guard: Sometimes guards tend to get distracted at their job. There are even some guards that loose keys !!! Roll a 1D6: On a roll of 6 the guard looses his key in the cell, and the warriors get a chance to escape. Look at the escape table to see what happens next.

24. Released: The cell door suddenly swings open, and Brutus Scrowhead enters the prison cell. He looks through the dungeon cell, looking for someone he obviously has difficulty recognizing. Use the warrior counters to see which warrior gets picked out. This warrior is released from prison (they have taken him for somebody else) and gets a chance to leave. He does not have to roll on the escape table to see what happens.
Whilst leaving the prison, the guards offer your warrior some gear, that they presume belongs to the warrior. Roll a 1D6 on the following table:

25. Boredom: To your surprise there hasn't been a prison riot when you woke up. In fact there hasn't been a riot the entire morning. Come to think of it, there hasn't been a riot all day. You even tried to start a riot yourself, but no one seemed to be interested. Just another uneventful day, I guess.

26. No Food: although the day started out pretty good - Brutus Scrowhead fell off the stairs from ten steps higher than he usually does- it didn't turn out to be the best. It was Brutus himself that announced to the prisoners that there was no food left for them. He disappeared into the darkness of the guard room, scratching his head and eating a nice juicy chicken.

31. Recognized: Whilst sitting in a dark corner of the prison cell, a cellmate moves towards you, and suddenly starts screaming. Use a warrior counter to determine which warrior has been approached, and roll 1D6 for that warrior:

32. Spy: From the moment you entered the prison cell, this man drew your attention in a way that is hard to describe. Dressed all in black, his raven black hair covering his eyes from the world, his head hidden in his collar. He surely was by far the most mysterious person in these mids. You feel very uncomfortable with his presence, and you know that his shadow will reappear in the future.
All the warriors have to take an initiative test for fear. If they fail, then from now one, during each encounter with a character, the warrior has to test for fear to enable him to interrogate or deal with the character.

33. Uneventful day

34. Ransom: The guards enter the room, calling upon the warriors. They are all released, as their ransom had been paid. When the warriors ask who paid the ransom, the guards just look scared and become really silent.

35. Encounter: Gold Digger: Use a warrior counter to see who gets chose. An extremely old dwarf approaches you, and inquiring whether he might have a word in private. His name is Gakko Dorkstran, on of the last members of the once mighty Dorkstran clan. He starts telling the tale about the history of his clan. The Dorkstrans once possessed the secret Rune of Divine Protection. This rune was told to bring an enormous amount of Luck to the army using it, that even One thousand blades, inscribed with one thousand Runes of Luck, would not be defy the Axe of Divine protection. For it was the source of Good Faith,. Of course the tribe didn't just use this rune to fight. Instead they used it (as all dwarfs would) to search for gold, precious metals, gems and the meteoric iron. It is even said that the clan, that pointed out where the settlers would have to look for the ideal places to locate their mines, were there when the first stones of the mighty settlements of Karak Kadrin, Karak Varn and even Karaz-a-karak were laid. The clan itself possessed the richest of all strongholds, the stronghold of Karak Zorn, in the south.
Then the digger starts screaming about the coming of the cursed elven priests, that changed the Rune of Divine Protection into the rune of Bad Luck. The only problem was that the all the mountains, all the buildings and all the weapons were inscribed with this rune, to protect the stronghold against all evil.
As unfortunate as they were, the dwarfs of the clan were not able to remember where they put the runes, and all got lost in the mountains whilst trying to reach the outer world. Karak Zorn had become dwarven hell on earth. All the traders got lost in the mountains, their tunnels collapsed, their gold got lost, and every weapon they tried to make had one flaw of some kind. The few remaining from the Dorkstran Clan are either dwelling the earth's surface, fighting in battles they only won because of their supreme battle skill and strength, and are, as the digger said, even mightier than the best slayers from Slayers Keep. Yet they are so unfortunate, that most of their blows miss their target, or their weapons simply break because they are hitting too strong.
As your warrior is listening, he gets influenced by the Rune of Bad Luck. Roll 1D6: On a roll of 1,2 or 3, you loose 2 luck permanently. Otherwise you'll only loose 1. No luck counter may be used against this roll, as it are the ways of the Rune.

36. Famine: Starvation hits the settlement: The warriors can't eat for 1D3 days.

41. Secret Stone: After a few days, your warrior notices that there is a crack in the floor. Use the warrior counter to determine who finds the stone, and roll a 1D6 to see what your warrior finds:

42. Observatory: Your warrior (use the counters to determine which one) has nothing better to do then to look out of the window towards the rest of the settlement. His attention is quickly drawn to a few guards that are trying to settle an argument. As your warrior has nothing else to do, he starts setting people up against the guards, who are, shortly afterwards, being chased by a horde of angry merchants and settlers. The sweet taste of revenge.

43. Explosion: A heavy explosion awakens the prison guests, as they were just about to start on of their riots. A few hours later however, it seems that it was the prison's food supply that exploded. Probably a bad barrel of beer or exploding corn..
From now on you can ignore the following riot thrown on this table...and you won't eat for the next 1D3 days.

44. Uneventful day.

45. Nurgle's Rot: Prisons in the Warhammer World aren't famous for their high standards concerning Hygiene. This weeks disease is Nurgle'sRot. Check your role-play book at page 62 for details on how to resolve the damage. If a warrior has contracted Nurgle's Rot, there is a chance he gets thrown out of jail. Roll 1D3: On a 3, the warrior is released from jail. If he has the money, he can try to get cured. He immediately gets all his weapons and items when he leaves, you never know what other diseases they may carry.

46. Endured: Your warrior (use the warrior counters to determine which one) is impressed by the scars of one of his fellow prisoners. The scarred man says that he survived many battles by just ignoring the pain that was caused by his attackers' wounds. He learned this skill while in this very prison. Therefor he comes back every year just to remember and say praise. After a few hours of beating and torturing, your warrior gets the hang of it as well. However he is at -1 toughness for the following adventure (because of the torture), he is able to use the ignore pain ability once per adventure, according to the battle level he is in. For example, a warrior at BL 5 with this skill can ignore 5 points of damage caused upon him during a single monster phase. Note that this skill is valid for an entire phase, and not only for a single blow.

51. Cave In: The ceiling comes down with a loud bang. Everybody in the prison cell has to throw 1D6 on the following table:
Also, this day's food has been crushed by the cave in. You won't be able to eat today.

52. Scorpions: Yes, a dungeon cell is a scorpion's best friend. Alas, the man isn't. Roll 1D6 for each warrior and add the totals. This, increased by 2, is the number of giant scorpions that enters the prison cell. Place the dungeon cell counter and start playing. Resolve the damage as usual, but don't claim any gold. The (surviving) warriors can use the dead scorpions to eat, thus decreasing their chances for starvation.

53. Key: Underneath the hay, the warriors find a key: it appears to be the key to the portcullis. This must be their lucky day.

54. Judge: The warriors are culled upon by Brutus. He says that the judge wants to see them. They quietly follow Brutus throughout the prison. Just as they enter the room, Brutus trips. Roll 1D3 to see what happens next:

55. Uneventful day

56. Declared: After the 100th prison riot of the day, the guards get really tired of the behavior of the various prisoners. They are looking for someone to blame, and as friendly as they are, the others say that you were the cause. The guards take you along for some midnight torturing. That night you loose 2 starting wounds for the duration of the next adventure. However during that adventure, you can try to use the anger to hit harder. You get +1 strength and +1 initiative, but your weapon skill has been reduced by 1, and ballistic skill gets a +1 modifier as well.

61. Fire: Being stuck in jail isn't a lot of fun. Being stuck in jail with a pyromaniac, however, is even worse. From now one, the pyromaniac will start a fire when he is able to. Roll 1D6 for each day you are spending in jail. If the dice is odd, then the pyromaniac will start making a fire, otherwise he won't be able to. After the fire, the food has been wasted. The pyromaniac however, can't make more than three fires, because he will be kicked out of jail after the third.

62. The power of the mind: A rather weird looking man enters the prison cell. He's dressed in loose clothing, and appears to have traveled a long distance. He immediately starts humming on and on and on. The warriors are pretty bored with the sounds the man is producing, and decide to shut him up. If there is no volunteer, than use a warrior counter to determine who is the first to approach the man.
The warrior gently steps towards the man, softly taps him on the head with a large rock and kicks the man in the face. To your surprise, and that of your fellow prisoners, the man does not stop his chant. You decide to give your tested technique a second shot and do it again. Now the man stops singing, but looks up to you quite disturbed. Suddenly his hand shoots out faster than lightning, and hits you in the stomach. Your warrior is at -1 strength for the next adventure until the second 6 is thrown in the power phase.

63. The power of the mind: A rather weird looking man enters the prison cell. He's dressed in loose clothing, and appears to have traveled a long distance. He immediately starts humming on and on and on. The warriors are pretty bored with the sounds the man is producing, and decide to shut him up. If there is no volunteer, than use a warrior counter to determine who is the first to approach the man. You gently ask the man what he's doing. He replies that he is seeking harmony with his new environment. In the discussion that follows, he teaches the warrior to meditate. During the warrior phase, your warrior can try to meditate by using the powers that are inside the dungeon. During this time, he can't move, fight or use healing potions or even search objects. Roll 1D6 to see what happens.

64. Uneventful day.

65. Visions: Because of the isolation from the rest of the world, the warriors' nerve system is so focused that they start seeing visions. In the following dungeon, the warriors can ignore an ambush attack on a 1D6 roll of 4+. Successive visions have no further effect.

66. Flooding: Because of the bad weather the last few days, the water level in the settlement has risen significantly. Unfortunately for the prisoners, the prison is the first building to get flooded. All the food has been spoiled, so you won't be able to eat today. Even worse: the settlement's food supplies have flooded as well, so you won't receive any food for the next 1D3-1 days either. (-1 to the total, e.g. if the roll was a 5, then the result becomes 3(1D3 with a 5) -1 equals 2 extra days without food; so the prisoners won't have food for the 3 successive days).
If there is a pyromaniac residing in the prison cell, he won't be able to make another fire. Instead the man's hitting the wall with his head, hoping to get some sparkles out of it.

Escape Table: Roll 1D6

1. Discovered: You have been spotted by one of the guards, and put back into jail. You'll also have to spend two more days in there because you tried to escape.
2. By the skin of your teeth: Yes, you've escaped, but you've suffered quite some wounds in the process. You'll have -4 starting wounds for the next adventure.
3. Narrow escape: Your warrior managed to get out of the settlement, chased by the guards. You found cover in the woods nearby. You decide to wait outside of the settlement for the rest of the party. You have no more weapons left, and you haven't had a chance to eat either. So you'll have to go to the next settlement in order to get your toughness restored. This settlement however, can't be more than a small village.
4. Brigands: Brigands that were hiding in the woods have seen you running through the woods to seek cover. They help you to get hidden, and even give you back the basic supplies you started with. They also invite you to a good meal, so you can recover any lost Toughness points.
5. You escaped from the prison cell, disguised as a beggar. Not only do the citizens give you 20 pieces of gold, but you can also remain in the settlement and buy the equipment you need. You'll also meet the rest of the party (if they aren't locked up themselves), so you can ask them for some money and shelter. You immediately go to the local tavern, and have a good meal. You won't have to pay for this meal, as the owner of the tavern saw you for a beggar, and has a good heart (or he wants to be elected).
6. Masterpiece. You did not only escape from prison, but you even managed to get into the guard room, and get all your weapons and gear back.