Warhammer Quest
    If a 'GOBLIN (HOB) waylays you,
    Slice him up before he slays you.
    Nothing makes you look a slob
    Like running from a HOB'LIN (GOB).
    -- The Roguelet's ABC

Welcome to the Warhammer Quest Archive. On this page and its children you will find gobs and gobs of information relating to Warhammer Quest, and if I couldn't absorb it, I've linked to it. Please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments, and especially if you have new material I can add to the archive.

Joe Ludwig
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The Warhammer Quest email list

Perhaps the most useful Warhammer Quest resource on the 'net is the Warhammer Quest mailing list. If you haven't done so already, I strongly encourage you to sign up.

Here are instructions on how to add yourself to the list.
A number of new professions (or warrior types) to spice up your quests.
Complete pre-written adventures for your questing pleasure.
Loads of new monsters and even a couple new races.
The Warhammer Quest FAQ and other frequently requested references.
Thumbnail versions of all the old favorites, and a number of new favorites.
House rules both major and minor. Many suggestions on how to even things up.
A hodge-podge of various things. Basically everything that doesn't have its own catagory.
Links to other Quest, Games Workshop, and miniature related sites.
Some legalese
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