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rxtx-2.1-7 Feb 4, 2006
  1. Mac OS X x86/universal binaries/install fixes Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com>
  2. catch exceptions on flush() so close() works. Adam Walsh <adam@grummen.net>
  3. more close() performance fixes Ãvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
  4. Blue Tooth Support cleanup writeByte so close works, send the original exceptions so people can see the exception. Paul <ideiglenes1@freemail.hu>
  5. %s/\`which java\`/\\\`which java\\\`/g in configure.in Takeshi "Ken" Hamasaki <hama@cyberonix.co.jp>
  6. System.gc() slows down close() too much. Ãvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com>
  7. Configure.java message correction
  8. Use serial_close and serial_open in termios.c
  9. JNI_OnLoad and JNI_OnUnload are in SerialImp.c now so remove them from init.c Gerrit Telkamp <g.telkamp@domologic.de>
  10. CNI retry on EINTR <mark@panonet.net>
  11. CNI Ignore SIGXCPU as GCJ garbage collection uses this too. Mark Anderson <mark@panonet.net>
  12. CNI Patch to avoid having the SIGPWR signal interrupt select() Mark Anderson <mark@panonet.net>
  13. CNI debug message cleanups and fd fix Mark Anderson <mark@panonet.net>
  14. Dont override system properties Klaus Kierer <klaus.kierer@tiscover.com>
  15. W32 build fixes and Locking fixes Dave Acker <dacker@nomadio.net>
  16. Mac OS X auto* build fixes
  17. liblockdev support
  18. dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules. Fixed.
  19. x86_64 Linux Fixes fixes BlackBox Serial now runs
  20. switch to JNI_VERSION_1_2 -- many people are still using 1.3 JREs
  21. Thread safer nativeDrain()/flush() method. Philip Gladstone <philip@gladstonefamily.net>
  22. Don't look for unexpected lockfiles in expected places Philip Gladstone <philip@gladstonefamily.net>
  23. adding the new properties gnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts and gnu.io.rxtx.ParallelPorts insead of overriding the system properties and uses them only as default values Klaus Kierer <klaus.kierer@tiscover.com>
  24. release locks when device is unavailable. Tico Ballagas <ballagas@cs.rwth-aachen.de>
  25. J2SE java.util.loggin and property file to match Stephane Cachat <stephane@cachat.org>
  26. termios stack overflow fix for Linux caused by including termbits.h Bill Holmes <weh@super.org>
  27. Support for USB frobs in Linux (reports are that this does not work exactly as expected with some kernels) Christopher R. Wren <wren@merl.com>
  28. configure fix for jdk 1.5
  29. merged with 2.0 and took small changes from cvs.
  30. remove debug "Condition" warnings used to debug NT4 issues.
  31. build without requiring rxtxZystem.dll. Add back the
  32. TIOCGICOUNT #define for breaks.
  33. 100 fold speedup of read(byte) and read(byte[] ...)
  34. 10 fold speedup of available()
  35. implementented read(byte[],offset,length,terminator[2]);
  36. select fix that could cause crashes in read and the
  37. eventLoop
  38. Tried to cause exceptions for possible NT4SP6 writes this was the "Three Blind Mice" test
  39. Changed build tool chain for XP problems (?). -- "XP Blows up"
  40. Support for COM1-256
  41. port reenumeration for people that change win32
  42. port assignments CommPortIdentifier:getPortIdentifiers()
  43. Isolated lockup on w32 read.
  44. Added possible fix for w32 write lockups
  45. throw error on impossible write situations.
  46. - small input buffer, large writes.
  47. All input stream methods are synchronized now. I had this in before cleaning up but thought it was not needed (nothing failed here).
  48. read() will toss an IOException (caught in the examples below but not in this library) if read thinks there will be a deadlock.
  49. Some small fixes found while merging with rxtx 2.0 for public release. Just sanity checks for library versions and such.
  50. - everything is in synch with the public CVS and public prerelease bins are out and being tested. fix for lockup found.
  51. removed Python and Cygwin code (ZystemImp.c)
  52. removed extra attempts to fix lockup
  53. removed previous attempts to fix tcrash
  54. - the solution before was to avoid using the
  55. API but now it appears to work with it -crazy
  56. wrote Zystem (probably will be a seperate library) for logging over the network. Some attempts to fix lockup bugs.
  57. -pedantic compile passes.
  58. termios.c cleanup (w32)
  59. More LPT support for w32
  60. initial LPT support for w32
  61. tlockup.m does not lock but fails (?) (W2K SP2)
  62. tcrash.m does not crash (W2K SP2)
  63. suite serial passes (W2K SP2)
  64. debug for flow control and parity switched off.
  65. Later stage tinkering with flowcontrol and parity fixes. Possibly bugs (w32 has many ways this can be setup).
  66. testRead() now uses //./COM9 to verify port is usable (fixes bug introduced in pre3)
  67. build used java/jar/javac 1.3.1_06-b01
  68. -- initial tinkering with parity --
  69. fixed //./COM?? so matlab can do s=serial('COM16') -- needed to test tcrash.m
  70. support for COM1-16 on w32 using //./COM??
  71. Mark/Space parity fixes on w332
  72. Solaris Enumeration fixes
rxtx-2.0-5 and rxtx-2.1-6 Oct 17, 2002
  1. read(byte) does not timeout
  2. read(byte[]) returns 0 on timeout (Fixes DalSemi iButtons) Dave Dribin <dave@dribin.org>
  3. QNX Port Bill Smith <bsmith@tridium.com>
  4. read() fixes - should be the same as Sun's CommAPI now.
  5. timout and threshold fixes for above Bill Smith <bsmith@tridium.com>
  6. All QA tests passed [except Solaris..waiting for a CDROM].
  7. Debian lock file fix "Villa Valerio" <valerio.villa@siemens.com>
  8. HP-UX port enumeration fixes. Sheikh, Awais <awais.sheikh@hp.com>
  9. rxtx-2.0 License fixes so Companies may avoid problems. HP legal and the GNU foundation.
rxtx-2.0-4 and rxtx-2.1-5 Aug 15, 2002
  1. Small fix to avoid autotool version conflicts
rxtx-2.0-3 and rxtx-2.1-4 Aug 13, 2002
  1. A series of minor bug fixes compile fixes
  2. Custom speed fixes
  3. Unix control of buadbase and divisor
  4. updated tools for builds
  5. First release since the QA.
  6. Win CE port Michal Hobot <MichalHobot@netscape.netl>
  7. Mac OS X fixes Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com>
  8. Multiple runtime fixes.
  9. timeout fixes and other fixes <wroberts1@home.com>
  10. lock file server
  11. more portable output buffer empty detection
  12. Compile fixes for jdk 1.3+
1.4-15 and 1.5-8, Dec 5, 2001
  1. True64 Port Finbarr O'Kane <finbarr@e-merge.ie>
  2. FreeBSD fixes Peter C. Verhage <peter@no-nonsense.org>
  3. UnixWare and OpenUNIX fixes, fixes for Unexpected Lock files Jonathan Schilling <jls@caldera.com>
  4. --disable-lockfiles fixed.
  5. Same exception messages as Sun's CommAPI for baudrate errors.
  6. pthread writes for OS's other than Linux and Win32.
  7. OUTPUT_BUFFER_EMPTY for OS's other than Linux and Win32.
  8. Win32 port enumeration fixes for COM1-8.
  9. Win32 speed fixes.
  10. More thread fixes.
  11. fixes for applications not using Monitor Threads.
  12. lock file support for Redhat 7.2. Full CommAPI support for Win32, Linux and Solaris.
  13. Many more forgotten.
  14. Several days worth of testing (ongoing).
1.4-14 and 1.5-7, Nov 2, 2001
  1. UnixWare and OpenUNIX ports Jonathan Schilling <jls@caldera.com>
  2. autotool support for Mac OS X Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com>
  3. Asynch write fixes
  4. setParityErrorChar() and setEndOfInputChar() added
  5. getParityErrorChar() and getEndOfInputChar() added
  6. Lots of tickles a few wacks more error debug info
  7. fixes by the buckets.
  8. Thread fixes for open/close/monitorthread/native code
  9. win32 fixes for NT and win9?
1.4-13 and 1.5-6 Oct 15, 2001
  1. Mac OS X port to Code Warrier
  2. Documentation of the above
  3. possible double deletion fix
  4. all by Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com>
  5. Specified port fixes
  6. Santiago Nicolau <nicolaus@ing.unlpam.edu.ar>
  7. Merged with rxtx-1.4
  8. comm.jar renamed to RXTXcomm.jar to avoid confusion.
  9. port enumeration fixes
  10. multiple win32 fixes
  11. lockfile fixes for native threads
  12. thread fixes, thread test added.
  13. user defined lock directory support.
  14. Many more forgotten.
1.4-12 Oct 10, 2001
  1. Mac OS X port with Code Warrior in it. Thanks to Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com< for the Mac work. (Joseph Golstone <joseph@lp.com> and Paul Tokarchuk <ptokarchuk@sympatico.ca> too!)
1.4-11 Oct 4, 2001
  1. Lock file fixes and others <wroberts1@home.com>
  2. null termination of strings in lock_file and lock file fixes <rob@pitman.co.za>
  3. If you had problems with green threads jdk the above will probably help.
  4. Documentation of libsecure issues while running as root Vadim Tkachenko <vt@freehold.crocodile.org>
  5. Code Warrior build files for Mac OS X Dmitry Markman <dmarkman@mac.com>
  6. win32 fixes and enhancments.
1.4-10 (stable) 1.5-5 (devel) Sep 20, 2001
  1. win32 fixes <wroberts1@home.com> (NT tested).
  2. Initial Solaris port (2.6 tested).
  3. initial Mac OS X port (10.1 tested) Joseph Goldstone <joseph@lp.com> Paul Tokarchuk <ptokarchuk@sympatico.ca>.
  4. 1.5 package renamed to gnu.io.
  5. Memory leak Cleanups.
  6. cross-compile fixes.
  7. more windows fixes.
  8. more ioctl support for windows.
  9. more fcntl suppport for windows.
  10. misc changes to windows Makefile for building on mingw32 systems in DOS.
  11. uucp_lock file support.
  12. Many thanks to Mathworks for Making these happen.
  13. symbolic link lock files now work (Mandrake) peter.beelen@philips.com.
  14. Configure.in fixes for permission issues Vadim Tkachenko <vt@freehold.crocodile.org>.
  15. Closed memleaks on open()/close().
  16. registered port support.
  17. Many more since forgotten.
1.4-9 (stable) Jun 21, 2001
  1. Minor fix of error reporting in lockfiles Steve Drach <drach@eng.sun.com>
  2. Mac OS X port Joseph Goldstone <joseph@lp.com>
  3. enumeration speedups Wayne Roberts <wroberts1@home.com>
  4. Documentation changes for lockfiles
  5. build fixes for jdk 1.1.8, kaffe 0.61
  6. automation of build tests with support for $JAVA_HOME
  7. sync with 1.5
1.5-4 (devel) Jan 26, 2000
  1. Irix build fixes (still needs CFLAGS fixed?) Michael Delgadillo <delgadil@ymi.com>
  2. Windows build support with lcc Valentin Pavlov <v_valchev@prosyst.bg>
  3. Windows build fixes with mingw (both need more code)
  4. put enough support into win32 termios to allow BlackBox to run but not work
  5. BeOS opens and closes serial ports
  6. hpux build fixes merged
  7. merge with rxtx-1.4 fixes and features
  8. backed out Vector port enumeration
  9. Futher Documention
1.4-8 (stable) Jan 8, 2001
  1. irix build fixes (fine tuning required) Tom Mander <tom@proximity.com.au>
  2. more lockfile code with testing from "Roberto" <rwaissma@mathworks.com> and Chris Portal <cportal@mathworks.com>
  3. bsd and linux default to lockfile support
  4. some documentaion clarifications
1.4-7 Nov 14, 2000 (stable)
  1. HP-UX fixes for port enumeration Cathrine Guiollot <catherine_guiollot@hp.com>
  2. CLASSPATH build fixes Dale Seaburg <kg5lt@earthlink.net>
1.4-6 Oct 29, 2000 (stable)
  1. support for explicitly-specified lists of ports Martin Pool <mbp@linuxcare.com>
  2. Documentation for explicitly-specified lists of ports Martin Pool <mbp@linuxcare.com>
  3. Clarification of accessReadWrite() Martin Pool <mbp@linuxcare.com>
  4. RXTXVersion.java was added
  5. HP-UX fixes for Serial Support (it may need some fine tuning) Cathrine Guiollot <catherine_guiollot@hp.com>
  6. Documentation of RXTX lantency frantz <fcapiez@club-internet.fr>
  7. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.1 sec 5.6 lock files.
  8. UUCP style lock support is needed.
  9. removed extra files not used in 1.4
  10. merged config/Makefile fixes from 1.5
  11. merged win32 fixes from 1.5
  12. cleanup of ParallelImp.c eventLoop (more needed)
  13. merged documentation changes from 1.5 that are related.
rxtx-1.5-3 Oct 6, 2000 (devel)
  1. Initial BeOS Support Brian D. Hindman <bjhindman@yahoo.com>
  2. Win32 cross build fixes jcbernard@free.fr
  3. Documentation changes D. Bahi <dbahi@tenornetworks.com>
  4. Kaffe Support
  5. freebsd build fixes
  6. Makefile fixes
  7. Merged changes from 1.4-5
rxtx-1.4-5 Aug 19, 2000 (stable)
  1. RXTXPort constructor to set the name to the port being opened. RXTXPort.removeEventListener() fixes/work arounds all by Chris Hamlett <chris.hamlett@securelogix.com>
  2. SGI Irix build fixes Thorsten Schmidt <thorstens@cologne.sgi.com>
  3. Corrected SerialPortEvent.getNewValue() open()/close() fixes. Chris Hamlett <chris.hamlett@securelogix.com>
  4. SerialPortInstructions.txt contributed by Vaibhav Andleigh/Athena <andleigh@mit.edu>
  5. inputBuffer does not dictate read size.
  6. Makefile cleanup.
  7. 1.5 stop bit support.
rxtx-1.5-2 Jun 16, 2000 (devel)
  1. synch with rxtx-1.4 (stable) fixes released.
  2. Initial work for RawIO support is included. Jim Garvin <jgarvin@gardelsoftware.com>
rxtx-1.4-4 Jun 15, 2000 (rxtx-1.4-1,2,3 were used to resolve some bugs reported by Chris and Joey)
  1. An attempt to get eventLoop() to exit properly. Chris Portal <cportal@mathworks.com>
  2. data accessed by multiple threads declared volatile.
  3. synchronization fixes(?) Chris Portal <cportal@mathworks.com>
  4. get rid of annoying kenrel version messages Joey Armstrong <joeya@mathworks.com>
  5. Allow Event loop to die silently after closing the fd.
  6. LPRPort open() throws PortInUseException not IOException
  7. cleanup of LPRPort java variable access. Documentation changes Bryce Nesbitt <bryce@nextbus.com>
  8. HP-UX build fixes (still a messed up compile flag I think) "Peter Pastrnak" <praktfp1@hpbbm.bbn.hp.com>
  9. if you get HP-UX working please let peter know.
  10. redo of RXTXPort's read() "Bertrand Renuart"
  11. Many println's replaced with appropriate exceptions "Bertrand Renuart"
  12. Suse build fixes. Jean-Francois Fels <Jean-Francois.Fels@cnes.fr>
  13. jdk-1.3 build fix (lost the email that pointed this out)
  14. took out extra code from 1.5 development to simplify the package.
rxtx-1.3-13 Apr 3, 2000
  1. patches for Cyclades support and other multi-port cards that do not support TIOCGICOUNT or TIOCSERGETLSR Jac Kersing <J.Kersing@the-box.com>
  2. Stallion Card Support Greg Luck <gluck@tempo-services.com.au>
  3. ~20 additional devices added for Linux.
rxtx-1.3-12 Mar 10, 2000
  1. Added Calls to DeleteLocalRef to functions get_java_var and throw_java_exception to avoid FATAL ERROR in native method: Outof memory when expanding local ref table beyond capacity W. Craig Trader <ct7@vitelinc.com> and Gareth Lee <gareth@ee.uwa.edu.au>
  2. fixed flush() for printer ports. Robert Perry <rlperry@paradigmsys.com>
  3. work around for missed DSR events. Ken Eisner <019769e@acadiau.ca>
  4. readArray behavior fix Gareth Lee <gareth@ee.uwa.edu.au>
rxtx-1.3-11 Feb 14, 2000
  1. Added notification of output buffer empty. Chris Portal <cportal@mathworks.com>
  2. tracked down a bug in open() (introduced in rxtx-1.3-10) Tim Groner <tgroner@cs.umanitoba.ca> Ken Eisner <019769e@dragon.acadiau.ca>
  3. for people reporting lost bytes. Wayne Robers <wroberts2@home.com> Douglas Baker <dbaker@connix.com>
rxtx-1.3-10 Jan 16, 2000
  1. Tracked down threshold bugs and Linux configure fixes. Brent J. Nordquist <bjn@visi.com>
  2. Moxa Driver Support read/write examples libc5 build fixes. Peter Bennett <bencom@bencom.co.nz>
  3. FreeBSD configure and compile fixes Soren Dayton <dayton@overx.com>
  4. Tracked down racing event loops. Alejandro P. Revilla <apr@cs.com.uy>
rxtx-1.3-9 Dec 4, 1999
  1. Japanese install instructions Thanks to Masayuki "Tencho" Yamashita <tencho@venus.kanazawa-it.ac.jp>
  2. IBM JDK support. Thanks for bug reports from Herber Carl Meyer <hcMeyer@mediaone.net> and Scott Simms <scott@beacon.com.au>
  3. Warning messages when kernel does not match headers Alejandro P. Revilla <apr@cs.com.uy>
  4. Documentation of libc5 bugs. Peter Bennett <bencom@bencom.co.nz>
  5. Warning when there are multiple jni include file paths.
  6. Win32 code now builds. Thanks to Wayne Roberts for the changes to termios.c.
  7. FreeBSD builds and works for serial communication.
rxtx-1.3-8 Oct 26, 1999
  1. Introducing Wayne Roberts Win32 code.
  2. Thanks to Bertrand Renuart, Andrew Baerst, Mark Lindsey for bug reports.
  3. NetBSD port Stuart Anderson<anderson@metrolink.com>
1.3-7 Oct 26, 1999
  1. Introducing Wayne Roberts Win32 code.
  2. Multiple minor fixes including large writes and premature port closing.
  3. NetBSD port Stuart Anderson <anderson@metrolink.com>
1.3-7 Aug 15, 1999
  1. More Threshold and Timeout fixes.
  2. Tried to get Printer support working with linux-2.2.11. More work needed
  3. Comtrol card support by Ken Thompson
1.3-6 Aug 3, 1999
  1. Threshold and Timeout
  2. typo fixes in SerialImp.c.
1.3-5 Jun 26, 1999
  1. bsd compiling using gnu Make
  2. timeout and threshold code
  3. dpkg changes include.
1.3-4 Jun 26, 1999
  1. Printer Support Fixes
  2. build fixes
  3. many minor changes (bringing cvs up to date)
1.3-3 May 02, 1999
  1. hardware flow control fixes.
  2. software flow control implementation.
  3. improved config/build.
  4. many minor fixes.
1.3-2 Mar 27, 1999
  1. fixes for close() drop DSR and DTR call super.close() Wayne Roberts and Douglas Lau
  2. When throwing exceptions, include the method name in the message string. Douglas Lau
  3. fixes fo readArray() used IndexArrayOutOfBoundsException return 0 on readArray(0); Douglas Lau and Will Kassebaum <wrk@kassebaum.net>
  4. fix for drain(). retry on EINTR Daniel Lintjens <lintjens@cme.nist.gov>
  5. fixes for configure.in/Makefile.am using System.getProperty
  6. ParallelImp.c implementation of isPaperOut,isPrinterBusy, isPrinterError,isPrinterSelected,isPrinterTimedOut,
1.3-1 Mar 20, 1999
  1. A new development series released with Douglas Lau's work. This is mainly referred to as development so vendors that may depend on rxtx-1.2 behavior have time to send feedback.
  2. A working environment for anyone interested in implementing printer support was added.
1.2-2 Mar 16, 1999
  1. more minor build fixes for jdk-1.2 should work with 1.1.7 also (tested)
1.2-1 Mar 12, 1999
  1. Minor build fixes for jdk-1.2 <Anand.Palaniswamy@Eng.Sun.COM>
1.3.1 March 7, 1999
  1. A new series of develpment releases will be made using Douglas Lau's work
  2. OO redesign
  3. Code simplification
  4. Cyclades support
1.2 Feb 28, 1999
  1. Minor build fixes for libc5 and linux 2.0 systems.
  2. A latency fix. (now down to 22 ms on read)
  3. automake 1.4
1.2-beta-2 Feb 1, 1999
  1. Stopbit and Speed fixes (Stephen Martin).
  2. linux libc5 build fix (Cornelius Neubacher).
  3. Specialix card support (Jose Matos).
  4. Hardware flow control error message correction (Bob Carptenter and Steve Swicord).
  5. Sane Event notification defaults (Neil Darlow).
1.2-beta-1 Dec 28, 1998
  1. Extensive rewrite to native code
  2. Maybe the bug reporting begin
1.2pre10 Dec 20, 1998
  1. Event Notification (FE, PE, OE, BI)
  2. MultiPort Fixes
1.2pre10 Dec 11, 1998
  1. mips-sgi-irix6.2 build fixes
  2. MultiPort Fixes
1.2pre9 Dec 7, 1998
  1. this was a serious of releases to work out builds on mips-sgi-irix6.2
1.2pre8 Nov 30, 1998
  1. MultiPort Support, fix for binary reads, early stages of events using sigaction.
1.2pre7 Oct 14, 1998
  1. small fixes
1.2pre6 Oct 6, 1998
  1. Audited the native source code.
  2. More build fixes.
  3. Speed control should work properly.
1.2pre5 Sep 21, 1998
  1. Hardware Flow Control by David Atkinson
1.2pre4 Aug 12, 1998
  1. "javacomm20-ea" support by Sheldon Young
1.2pre3 July 8, 1998
  1. Compile fixes
  2. updates for CommAPI
1.2p3 July 8, 1998
  1. Compile fixes
  2. more descriptive error reporting
  3. documentation updates
1.2p2 June 6, 1998
  1. termios passed between java and native code
  2. fixes noted in 1.1.5p2
1.1.5p2 June 6, 1998
  1. compile bug fixes
  2. fixed error message reporting
1.2p1 May 19, 1998
  1. CommAPI wrapper added.
1.1.5p1 Apr 7, 1998
  1. compile bug fixes
  2. added changes from CVS
1.1.5 Mar 17, 1998
  1. win32 support
  2. more mangling with libtool
1.1.3p6 Feb 25, 1998
  1. libtool integrated into the package
  2. automake integrated into the package
1.1.3p5 Feb 1, 1998
  1. Port Selection fix.
  2. Small Makefile fix.
1.1.3p4 Jan 30, 1998
  1. SunOS support (initial) thanks to Michael Forte
  2. makeraw() fix
1.1.3p3 Jan 18, 1998
  1. Added termios(3) funtions and FD class.
  2. Javadoc'ed classes
1.1.3p2 Jan 16, 1998
  1. Complete rewrite.
  2. Now have SerialIn/Output.class's.
1.1.3p1 Jan 15, 1998
  1. Speed was not being changed properly.
1.1.3p0 Jan 13, 1998
  1. JDK-1.1.3 fixes.
1.1.1p2 May 23, 1997
  1. Replaced terio with termios.
1.1.1p1 May 22, 1997
  1. Obj dirs for different os's. per request.
1.1.1p0 May 21, 1997
  1. Support for jdk 1.1.1.
  2. Dropped support for 1.0.2
    because of the jni in 1.1.1.
  3. The native code required many changes.
0.50 March 17, 1997
  1. Buffered input/output use of FileDescriptors.
  2. Removed most of the native code.
  3. Deleted RO.java.
0.22 March 14, 1997
  1. Everything is now controlled from Main.java.
  2. Renamed classes for easier reading.
  3. Debug info for open(), write().
  4. Prevent reading from bad fd.
  5. Dump hex for RX as an example in RO.java.
0.21 March 12, 1997
  1. Removal of hard coded vars Makefile.
  2. Removed the last remnants of my GPS program.
  3. Fixed Main.java by making it wait for TX to finish (thanks to oliver).
  4. Irix support. (thanks to oliver).
0.2 March 11, 1997
  1. Added autoconf ability.
0.1 March 10, 1997
  1. Just tossed the stuff together.
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