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Note: CVS is not intended for people looking for a stable copy of the rxtx package. If your interested in submitting changes via CVS please email taj@www.linux.org.uk.

Feel free to examine the latest CVS copy of rxtx. CVS information is now included in the latest source tar archives. After extracting the files from the tar archive simply change into the rxtx directory and type 'cvs update' to get the latest changes. One may also get the latest changes without downloading the tar files...


PASSWORD is not required

The following is an example session checking out via cvs.

*Note: to checkout the full commapi (rxtx 2.1 code) replace the checkout command with checkout -r commapi-0-0-1 rxtx-devel

Script started on Tue Jan 27 14:37:06 1998
[jarvi@newsmail temp]$ echo $SHELL
[jarvi@newsmail temp]$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@qbang.org:/var/cvs/cvsroot
[jarvi@newsmail temp]$ cvs login
(Logging in to anonymous@qbang.org)
CVS password:
[jarvi@newsmail temp]$ cvs checkout rxtx-devel
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel
U rxtx-devel/CHANGES
U rxtx-devel/COPYING
U rxtx-devel/CREDITS
U rxtx-devel/INSTALL
U rxtx-devel/Makefile.in
U rxtx-devel/PORTING
U rxtx-devel/README
U rxtx-devel/TODO
U rxtx-devel/configure
U rxtx-devel/configure.in
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/doc
U rxtx-devel/doc/AllNames.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/Package-gnu.io.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/Package-java.io.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/gnu.io.FD.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/gnu.io.SerialInputStream.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/gnu.io.SerialOutputStream.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/packages.html
U rxtx-devel/doc/tree.html
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/out
U rxtx-devel/out/config.h.in
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/out/cygwin32
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/out/irix
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/out/java
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/out/linux
cvs server: Updating rxtx-devel/src
U rxtx-devel/src/FD.java
U rxtx-devel/src/SerialImp.c
U rxtx-devel/src/SerialInputStream.java
U rxtx-devel/src/SerialOutputStream.java
U rxtx-devel/src/rx.java
U rxtx-devel/src/test.java
U rxtx-devel/src/tx.java
[jarvi@newsmail temp]$ exit
Script done on Tue Jan 27 14:45:53 1998

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