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RXTX Downloads are Moving!


Binaries from www.rxtx.org:

From the above, you can gather that rxtx.org does not want to be the distributor of RXTX binaries. There are well over 100 platforms RXTX can work on. We do offer reference binaries for users to our best ability though. We ask that users help each other through the mail-list and Wiki. The developers are helping too but are often busy.

Read this next paragraph and make sure you understand. It will save you time in the end.

The first question you need to answer is do you want to use RXTX 2.1 or RXTX 2.0. RXTX 2.1 is a complete solution that is in package gnu.io. Sun's implementation is in package javax.comm and works with RXTX 2.0 which is just the lower part of the solution. This means you can use either if you can change the package name in your source code. If a product you are using for calls for Sun's CommAPI (javax.comm), then you want to download 2.0 from Sun (currently not working but will be fixed by Sun and rxtx.org in May) and RXTX 2.0. If you are a developer wanting a single package for all platforms or a product asks for just RXTX then you want RXTX 2.1 (gnu.io). Get it? Got it? Good! Don't mix and match. So lets pick _one_.


RXTX 2.1 for use withOUT Sun's CommAPI (namespace gnu.io) The Mac OS X has an installer in the source file too. The First file just contains the libraries. There was over 20 'pre' releases of 2.1-7. This is the Final release.
	Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS	rxtx-2.1-7-bins-r2.zip (Final)
	source/Mac OS X			rxtx-2.1-7r2.zip (Final)
	The ToyBox:			ToyBox
The ToyBox has about 35 platforms (and growing). If you have a toy (even an s390), we have the ToyBox. Find the OS, Libc, and CPU You are looking for. Please report any problems to the mail-list. Unix users can extract zip files with jar -xf foo.zip. It works fine and on all platforms we support.

==== OR (I think you get it now :) ====

RXTX 2.0 for use WITH Sun's CommAPI (namespace javax.comm) The Mac OS X has an installer in the source file too. The Windows And Linux files just contains the libraries. These files are dated. The will be upgraded when Sun releases a new version around May.
	Linux		rxtx-2.0-7pre1

	w32		rxtx-2.0-7pre1
	source/Mac OS X	rxtx-2.0-7pre1
	The ToyBox:	Not Yet.  Check Back After May.
Do you just want to browse the files? If someone told you to get an older version, its probably a bad idea but the files are all there. You can even find rxtx-1.02p0 to get an idea how rxtx started.

Finally ...

You will want to go through and install the files or compile your own. I will now point you to the rxtx Wiki. This is a community effort and that includes you. Please help us improve it so the rxtx developers may continue to improve rxtx. We will answer questions on the mail-list. This is as good as people make it.

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