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RXTX is a native lib providing serial and parallel communication for the Java Development Toolkit (JDK). All deliverables are under the gnu LGPL license.

I chopped rxtx out of a GPS application I was working on and tried to put a small example together. The communication support was minimal and buggy. The hope was that the serial communication support would improve by sharing the code with other developers. Since then Sun produced the CommAPI and RXTX was moved towards supporting this standard. The sharred code appears to have worked. The library provides most of the CommAPI functionality and works much better than the code originally shared.

The reason for sharing this code is that a more versatile lib may be developed and released with minimal restrictions. If you find changes required for different platforms or OS's please pass them back this way. Credit will be given unless one specifically requests no credit.

If you like, email me a gif of you project. I'm starting a list of projects.

The primary site for rxtx is at frii's. A mirror site is located at mit.

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