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A FreeBSD CommAPI port. Maintained by Ari Suutari <ari.suutari@syncrontech.com>

CommAPI Sun's vision of the future of linux serial/parallel communication (good stuff).

Java Comm for Linux Is a linux-java CommAPI solution using RXTX.

OS2 support for Java(TM) Communications API

Mac OS support for commapi is available in its latest state.

Win32Port[bitrot] accesses the serial communication ports on a Win32 machine through a native DLL.

The portio[bitrot] package defines an API for accessing serial and parallel ports from Java applications and applets.

The JOS commapi implementation in the free Java OS effort.
Another api for serial ports can be founds at SerialIO

classpath's goal is to provide a 100% compatible version of the standard java class libraries.
IBM includes commapi a implementation in JDK 1.3.

Serial Links using RS-232 and RS-485.
Serial support for perl using RS-232 and RS-485.
TechGeek Is forming a Robotics community and is exploring the use of RXTX for communicating with custom boards.
An OpenSource Java based ISO-8583 implementation (credit card validation).
A weather station using RXTX temeculaweather
The Java SerialPort class provides access to the serial ports of your computer allowing you to communicate with modems, mice, printers, sensors, barcode readers, smart card readers, or any serial device.

The Open Group's termios documentation (UNIX98)

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