digital photomontage     by James M. Hayes

There are worlds here:

some stripped to the essence of color and line;

some where inanimate objects find life;

worlds of dream, worlds of nightmare,
worlds of despair, worlds of hope.

Jim and wife Lynnet Bannion have created a book of his artwork. See the above link to order one from

Windows 5

Jim's images begin in up to three ways:

  1. digital capture with a Canon digital SLR camera.
  2. film negative input via film scanner.
  3. copyright-free imagery via flatbed scanner.

Using digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop CS3, these images are combined, transformed, or otherwise manipulated into final files. Cutting the last ties to silver, the image is printed out via a high photo quality inkjet printer onto a variety of art papers. The technology of inkjet printers, papers and inks continue improve at an astonishing rate. Jim's ink and paper combinations have been tested by an independent laboratory to last at least an estimated 60 years, given proper care.

Faceless 1 There are two galleries on this site. The Archive Works gallery contains images which have been previously posted. The New Works gallery contains the most recent works. In 2004, Jim expanded his work to include color as well as b&w, including mixed, tinted, and experimental color-modified prints. In the last year, Jim has been experimenting with posterized images, using black, white, and a few other colors, particularly blue. Check out the New Works gallery to see how Jim's work is evolving.

Untitled 22 All images, files, and final prints copyright 1994-2008 James M. Hayes.  All rights reserved.  No image or part of an image may be copied, reproduced, or used in another form without prior written permission of the artist. Website and images last updated May 2008. As time permits, new works and other older works will be added to this site. Check back for pictures from our 2007 trip to Denmark, to be posted soon.

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