I've been riding since about 1972, and racing off and on since about 1986. This page is devoted to subjective product reviews, cool ride write-ups, and recommendations, along with some pics of yummy bikes and yummy rides.

I'll add Reviews on Bicycles as time permits.

I wrote a discussion of discussion of metal failure after my experiences of several components breaking on my mountain bike, if that's something you're interested in. Lightweight can bite you.

Did you ever wonder why bikes have gears? I've thought of some reasons.

John on Storm Mountain, Estes Park CO, Summer '96. Yes, it is really steep.

John about to destroy the rear wheel. Oct 18, '97.

Steep climb on MiniSlickRock.

David on The Stump. Notice: both wheels off the ground.

My New Toy, the jewel of VeloSwap '97!

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