Where my browser is probably pointed if I'm online.


  • AirNav has a great site that includes detailed statistics on thousands of public and private airports all across the US. This includes most data found in the Airport Directory plus information on runway usage per day and by aircraft type. This is an amazing site.
  • Kip's FAA written test page. This wonderful little page is the best practice one can have for the FAA written and practical tests. It's beautifully done.
  • Aviation Web is the best collection of aviation-related writings I've seen. The columns by Richard Deakin, a 34,000-hour pilot, and his cohorts, are particularly recommended.
  • Rising Up has an excellent list of performance numbers for every type of airplane you can imagine.
  • Pilot Weather is where I go to get all the same information I get during a standard briefing, only it's all written down. Of course I go ahead and get the standard as well, but it's nice to have it slow and in alpha.

    Bikes and stuff:

  • Damon Rinyard Builds Carbon Bikes and if you want to, too (and who doesn't?) this is a good place to start.
  • Rivendell Bikes is where Grant Peterson went after Bridgestone USA folded. He makes bikes the way God Intended Them To Be (which means, apparently, 1985.)
  • The Human Powered Vehicles Association is where it's at.


  • Rebol is a neat language written by the designer of the AmigaOS. Check it out.
  • HPUX 11 including manpages.
  • Slashdot. Read it. Live it.

    Heavy Stuff:

  • Kurt Bjorn's website on building rotary engines and jets at home.
  • Smart Ass Glass -- great beads, even better puns.
  • Cindybeads is a great place for seeing strange glass bead projects.
  • Kristina Logan makes the coolest beads in the world. In fact, they're so cool you can buy a poster of them.
  • Small Parts has every tiny gadget you could ever want, from springs and gears to sapphire ball bearings and teflon.

    Random links:

  • SLUGGY FREELANCE. I want to be Riff. Or maybe I already am.
  • Arctic by Bill Kte'pi. An albino and a polar bear caught in a snowstorm.
  • Rinkworks is the *finest* online entertainment I have ever seen. Their Book-a-Minute is stupendous, their collection of great text adventures is unrivalled, and the whole site should get some sort of award for sheer genius.
  • Turn it up to ELEVEN just because you CAN.
  • Ever wonder about Scientology? While Operation Clambake is proud of being biased, it has a wealth of information on what all those funky Scientology terms are, and does a weekly review of A.R.S. if you're not sufficiently brave to read it yourself.
  • There are some amazing articles on molecular biology and repeating motifs at The Talk.Origins website, which bear heavily on the creationism/evolution debate in a biased but very erudite manner.
  • Ever wanted to do an urban fox hunt? Take a look at Hash House Harriers and think, "my jello fantasies aren't all that weird, really, not in comparison."
  • A complete encyclopedia of Warner Brothers Cartoon in-jokes is a great and noble achievement.
  • You have *got* to check out Soda Constructor which is one of the coolest little pieces of Java foolery on the net. If you haven't already found this, it allows you to model a set of springs and masses and set them to jiggling, which is an awfully lame description of an awfully cool site.
  • Did you ever want to make small change? Very, very small change? Check out Bert's VERY DANGEROUS high-voltage webpage

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