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I play with mail a lot. I make it, wear it, sell it, use it, and abuse it. I have written a short history of mail if that's what you want to read about. I also wrote a discussion of how YOU can make mail at home, with (fairly) common household implements of destruction, if that's more your style. A little about my background and experience with mail is discussed in John & Mail.
My latest silly project is making welded mail. I'm getting near nirvana here.

Sara Trice's page is the definitive mail archive. Check it out.

Jason Aller's page is also good and has a lot of archival stuff on it.

Blessed Bee's Chainmail Hive sells neato chainmail stuff at reasonable prices. Check them out.

J & H about to go to Ren Fair

John and AlfJohn, two Vikings on shore leave.


Mail Bracelet, titanium and sterling silver.

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