San Carlos de Bariloche- Argentina's playground

Bariloche and Lago Nahuel Huapi as seen from Cerro Otto above town.

4/4 - 4/11/2002: 41º10' south; Bariloche Argentina

You know you have been hanging around Bariloche too long when the locals are asking you for directions (not once, but twice this happened). Bariloche is a wonderful city with great people and plenty to do, but I am getting the urge to move on. Before I do so, however, I'll bring you up to date on my travels.

Located on the shores of lago Nahuel Huapi in the Argentine Andes, the city of San Carlos de Bariloche is a study in contrast. There are high rise apartments down town, posh resorts west of town, and poor barrios to the south. Rainfall at the border of Chile 40km west of town is over 4000mm annually, and less than 400mm just to the east of town where the patagonian steppe begins. Like Pucon, there are many sporting activities to participate in, all of which are an order of magnitude more challenging than in Pucon. I spent 8 days hiking, biking, climbing and kayaking around Bariloche, and made many good friends during that time, so once again I split the page:

Bariloche Sports

Amigos de Bariloche

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