Underwater Demolition Team Photo Album

photos courtesy of Bruce Dunning

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These photos were taken on "So Solly Day", U. S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA in Fall of 1949 or Spring of 1950

LTJG Bruce Dunning

LTJG Bruce Dunning

trainee LTJG B. Dunning gets tossed

trainee LTJG B. Dunning gets tossed




harasser (possibly GM1 John Koerber) throws charge

unidentified harasser prepare to pull fuse lighter

HMC Drane

Sam Bailey

A hospitalman, possibly HMC Drane, and an instructor, possibly GMC "Andy" Devine, lead trainees into the Little Creek woods

GM1 Sam Bailey surveys the situation. "Sam, you're getting your feet wet."


A "bivouac area" charge, probably a 20 pound Hagensen pack (tetrytol) blows. Although not visible in the photograph, the trainees must be close by the charge.

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