Underwater Demolition Team Photo Album

photos courtesy of Bruce Dunning

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These photos were taken on "So Solly Day", U. S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA in Fall of 1949 or Spring of 1950 


Trainees head inland.

trainees and Piotrowski

"Hit the deck!" Trainees cover up as harassers prepare to throw TNT blocks. The harasser in the left foreground was GM1 H. L. Piotrowski. The photographer and other harassers are unidentified.

on the beach

Trainees hit the beach at the beginning of "So Solly" Day. A "harasser", wearing a white helmet, stands at the far left with his supply of 1/2 pound TNT blocks.

mud flats

Trainees head into one of many tidal mud flats along their route.

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