pickup boat and loop

Pickup Boat and Loop

These pages dealing with the equipment and devices used by the UDT units would not be complete if they did not include the very important pickup boat and high-speed retrieving loop. This ingenious system of picking up the Frogmen after they have accomplished their missions works splendidly, and makes their high-speed pickup possible. The rubber boat is towed alongside the speeding pickup boat, and the two men work as a team. One holds out the snare so that the arm of the swimmer goes through it. The momentum of the boat literally flips him up and into the rubber boat, where he is caught by the second man and held to prevent his falling out. The rubber boat protects him from injury. The swimmers line up about fifty feet apart, facing the oncoming boat. Each in turn is snared and flipped into the boat; then on to the next. A whole row of swimmers is retrieved this way almost in a matter of seconds. Speed in the pickup is important, not only to flip the men into the boat but to reduce the danger of hits from enemy gun fire if the operation is carried out close to enemy shores.

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