underwater inspection

Down Under for Inspection

Although the duties of the Frogmen are primarily offensive against enemy obstructions along beaches, making close-in shore inspections for enemy pillboxes and fortifications, charting underwater obstructions and mines and destroying them, marking or blasting channels, making maps of invasion landing routes, and such work, they are often called upon for friendly services. These include making inspections of friendly ships for battle damage, propeller obstructions, and other underwater work such as rescue or retrieving dropped articles. This unusual underwater photograph shows a Frogman swimming under a ship, perhaps to inspect the propeller. Some of the veteran swimmers can hold their breath for as long as three minutes without special breathing apparatus. This swimmer, with no oxygen - just his flippers and face mask - may be able to conduct quite an inspection without going up for air at the surface. If you don't think that three minutes without breathing is very long, try holding your breath while you read this caption, just sitting quietly instead of exercising violently as this chap is doing. It should take you about a minute to read. Now do you want to try for THREE minutes?

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