Bermuda Bench Model
I liked the clever Bermuda Bench from The New Yankee Workshop. I made it at an approximate 1.5" scale, adjusting proportions to suit me. One obvious difference: mine is much longer so it has room for two dolls (seen near the end). At the end is the reference photo from their page about it.

I'll let the salesbunny show you the Bermuda Bench's features.
First, it's a seat..  

The seat hides storage space.

Get out of the way and I'll slide down the top..
..and lock it in securely with the front pegs.
It's a table, too! A sturdy table.
It has no legroom, but it makes a fine buffet table.

 I'm sold, Bunny.

So can this bench fly us to Bermuda, too?

I'm afraid it's earthbound, kids.