129 W. 81st St.: Seinfeld Places
Both real and on the show. These are photos I took on a trip to NYC a in October 1997.


The real 129 W. 81st Street (New York, NY
10024), where Jerry Seinfeld lived when he
was a standup comedian. 129 is the door at the
center of photo, that is, of the two, the one
on the right. (click image for larger image)

The entrance (click image for larger image)

An apartment building in the group of buildings
where the real Kramer (Kenny Kramer) and Larry
David (writer, producer) lived. They lived
at the end of a hall and kept their doors open,
dropped in on each other, borrowed food.

Seinfeld's Real New York has many real places shown and referred to in the show, with maps and directions. (The few photos I have are better, in my humble opinion.) (http://home.earthlink.net/~asena/srny.html)


~ From the Show ~

Explore two of the regular sets (using QuickTime):

[Jerry's TV apartment]
Jerry's TV apartment
[Monk's coffee shop]
Monk's Coffee Shop/Restaurant


Suzanne Morine