Photography pages by Marek Uliasz

Tulip - Polaroid emulsion transfer LightScapes:
Photography & Polaroid Transfer Art

Portfolios of image and emulsion transfers: Images from the Past, Adobe Architecture of New Mexico, Returns to Poland, Aspen Grove, Architecture Abstracts from from Albany, NY. Polaroid Painting - SX-70 manipulations. The Garlic Symphony: variations on garlic.

Pecos Kiva - Polaroid image transfer Polaroid Transfer and Manipulation Resources

tools and techniques, on-line exhibitions, guest gallery, books and reviews, mailing lists, workshops and events, discussion forum

Severance Inn - Polaroid image transfer Images from the Past

Ghost towns, historic sites and lost places of Northern Colorado in Polaroid image transfers: Fort Collins with the Strauss Cabin, along the Overland trail to Virginia Dale stage station, Dickerson Ranch, Keota and other prairie ghost towns.

Stairs - Polaroid image transfer My Favorite Photography Books

Selection of books: photographers and their work, women photographers, photo techniques, outdoor & nature photography, nude & figure photography, alternative processes, history of photography, business of photography, calendars 2000.

Karsh gravures Yousuf Karsh portraits
gravure prints and other reproductions

sea kayaking and sailing Mountain Wayfarer

sea kayaking, canoeing and small boat sailing in Rocky Mountains and southwest, kayak building,
paddling destinations, trips and Texas Water Safari in my photography


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