A Small Study of Social Realism

Old granary window - 4x5 Polaroid Image transfer
Old granary window © Marek Uliasz 1998
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Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture & Science. A gift of friendship from the Soviet Union to the Polish nation, the palace was completed in 1955 and briefly named Palace of Stalin. The spired monster is 243 meters high, occupies an area of 3.32 hectares and has 3288 rooms, a huge congress hall for 3000 people, three theatres, a swimming pool, a museum, and numerous offices. It is still the tallest building in Warsaw. Any efforts to cover this landmark with modern skyscrapers have not succeded yet.

While living in Warsaw, I had never paid any attention to details of this building. It was just during my last trip to Warsaw in the spring of 1998 when I took a closer look at numerous symbolic sculptures and decorations representing the style of social realism.

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