Images from the Past: historic and lost
places of Colorado in Polaroid transfer art

Ghost towns, historic sites and lost places of Northern Colorado
in Polaroid transfer art

All images © Marek Uliasz

Severance Inn - Polaroid image transfer

This is a photographic diary from my short trips in the vicinity of Fort Collins in a northern Colorado during three year period: 1996-1999. There are the Rocky Mountains west of Fort Collins and the Great Plains to the east. It seems that I was more attracted to prairies than mountains so far. The history of prairie ghost towns is not less dramatic than that of gold camps in the mountains.

The portfolio started from the image of Severance Inn and ended up in May of 1999 when the Strauss Cabin was burnt. Many of these buidings and structures were destroyed during past 10 years and you cannot see them any more.

I believe that the Polaroid transfer technique enhances the mystery and mood of these remains of the past. You can find more Polaroid transfers in the LightScapes Gallery and more information on this technique in Polaroid Transfer Art blog.

The portfolio is divided into four parts. All images are "clickable" for larger version and additional information.

Fort Collins Baker House
Strauss Cabin
Great Plains
Centenial Village
Prairie Ghost Towns:
  • Keota
  • Purcell
    Sweetsville Zoo
  • West:
    Rocky Mountains
    Upper Buckhorn
  • Dickerson Ranch
  • Monument Gulch Road
  • North:
    along the Overland Trail
    Virginia Dale
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