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"Legend has it that sometime in the mid-1960s one of Polaroid's research photographers
inadvertenly left a Polaroid negative face down on a countertop, later picked it up,
and found an image had transferred to the counter. He and several of his colleagues began
to play with the process until Polaroid founder Dr. Edwin Land found out about it and
sternly discouraged this deviant activity. And so Pandora's box was closed ....
for the time being. - John Reuter"

Fort Collins, Colorado

Welcome to the site devoted to creative uses of Polaroid films. You can find here a growing directory of links to web sites with technical information, galleries and exhibitions, workshops and mailing lists, books available on-line, books reviews and a guest gallery.

If you have questions about the processes involving Polaroid films, visit our discussion forum. If you are an expert you can answer some questions there. Your comments, suggestions and contributions to this site are always welcome.

Image transfers, SX-70 manipulations, emulsion transfers - these are just starting points ...

Fort Collins, Colorado


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Polaroid Transfer Art

Guest Gallery I am reopening Guest Gallery for submissions in a new format. I would like to invite you to submit stories, words and pictures, where Polaroid techniques are used.

Lost Colorado in Polaroid image transfers Marek Uliasz
Images from the Past

Ghost towns, historic sites and lost places of Northern Colorado in Polaroid transfer art. This old portfolio (1996-99) got some face lifting. Many of the pictured buildings and structures do not exist any more.

Edwardo Aites Edwardo Aites
Cyanotype, Polaroid image transfer, Van Dyke and kallitypes prints. Technical instructions. Articles. Travel photo journal.
Travels in Tuscany in Guest Gallery

Anna Fizyta
Polaroid SX-70, image transfers, mixed media

Glenn W. Mann
image transfers, mostly portraits of women

Judy Stalus
Polaroid SX-70 - flowers, gardens and landscape, toy camera pictures, scanned flowers

Detroit Hand-Altered Polaroid Photographs books series by Cynthia Davis

Posters Deborah Schenck
Polaroid transfer print and notecards

Polaroid Manipulations
A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Sx-70, Transfer, and Digital Prints
Kathleen Thormod Carr
Polaroid Transfers
A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers
Kathleen Thormod Carr
Watercolor Portrait Photography
Helen T. Boursier
Creative Photo Printmaking
Theresa Airey

more books
emulsion transfer kit

Articles Camera Arts, February/March 2002, p. 29-35.
Creating Polaroid transfers from 35 mm slides of digital files
by Jacquelyn Leebrick

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Poetica II
Poetica II
Melious, Amy
Buy this Art Print at AllPosters.com

polaroid transfer art, technique and tips

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