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Polaroid Manipulations

Polaroid Manipulations
Kathleen Thormod Carr

In this comprehensive guide, the author of the highly successful Polaroid Transfers takes Polaroid techniques one step further with a complete visual guide to creating SX-70 manipulations, transfers, and digital prints. With the growing interest in alternative photographic processes, especially Polaroid techniques such as image and emulsion transfer, Polaroid Manipulations is one of the only complete guides available to help readers master this area of photographic art. This indispensable resource includes detailed, hands-on instructions; dozens of step-by-step procedures; and scores of no-fail creative techniques that add depth and creativity to Polaroid image manipulation. It also features the latest information on cutting-edge equipment and current methods, as well as extensive sections on digital manipulations and printing. Finally, this companion volume to Polaroid Transfers includes an incredible gallery of 20 leading artists who use this process in their own photography.

Polaroid Transfers

Polaroid Transfers - A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers
Kathleen Thormod Carr

Part 1: Creating Polaroid Image and Emulsion transfers
1. Getting ready
2. Making Polaroid image transfers
3. Making Polaroid Emulsion transfers
4. Creative techniques
5. Handcoloring transfers
Part 2: Further explorations
6. Advanced techniques: Equipment and procedures
7. Fine art and commercial applications
Part 3: Gallery

The book presents step-by-step instructions, details on supplies and equipment, and inspiration for creating image and emulsion transfers, illustrated throughout with color photos of procedures and beautiful examples. Part I covers basics of equipment, supplies, and techniques, and Part II contains information on advanced techniques and working in large formats with the Daylab II slide printer, enlargers, and cameras. Part III profiles 20 international transfer artists and their work. A section on resources lists contacts for artists, manufacturers, workshops, and books, magazine articles, and Polaroid Corporation publications.

Polaroid Transfer Photographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfer
Chris Grey

Nicely complements Kathleen Thormod Carr's book

1. Introduction to transfer and lift-off. 2.Film and receptors. 3. Basic Polaroid Image transfer. 4. Special image transfer techniques. 5. Dry transfers. 6. Transfers with Polacolor Pro 100 material. 7. Tip and tricks for image transfers. 8. Emulsion lift-off. 9. Tip and tricks for emulsion lift-off. 10. Printing techniques. 11. Care and keeping of final images. 12. What's new, what's next. 13. Finding markets for your work. 14. Afterword. Index.

Watercolor Portrait Photography

Watercolor Portrait Photography
Helen T. Boursier

Polaroid SX-70 instant color film allows photographers an unexpected way to create one-of-a-kind portraits. Basic techniques such as selecting settings, composing images, working with subjects, lighting the portrait, and manipulating images for a final product are covered. Detailed advice is given on the best times to do manipulating, what tools can be used to achieve desired effects, and specific DayLab II procedures for SX-70 Time Zero film. Also discussed are marketing issues, from determining a cost-effective pricing strategy to exploring ways to package and promote this service.

Creative Photo Printmaking

Creative Photo Printmaking
Theresa Airey

Great techniques, great images and great instructions ...


  1. Manipulating polaroids
  2. Infrared photography
  3. Bleaching and toning
  4. Working with liquid emulasions
  5. Image transfer and emulsion lifts
    Making image transfers. Using a slide printer to make a print. Projection printing. Making the transfer. Image transfers with Polacolor Pro 100. Troubleshooting. Making emulsion lifts. Troubleshooting. Making transfers on different surfaces. The two-for-one bonus.
  6. Polaroid instant film
  7. Solarization
  8. Photo transfers
  9. Handcoloring photographs
Creative Photo Printmaking

New Dimensions in Photo Imaging: A Step-by-Step Manual
Laura Blacklow

Setting aside old distinctions between photographer and non-photographer, New Dimensions in Photo Imaging invites artists in all media to discover non-silver imaging techniques. Painters, printmakers, fiber artists, sculptors, illustrators and photographers alike will find this a valuable, practical text outlining creative processes that require little or no knowledge of photography and chemistry.

Preface / Introduction
Part I. Light-Insensitive Methods
1. Transfers and Lifts / 2. Hand Coloring / 3. Toning
Part II. Preparation for Light-Sensitive Methods
4. Creating the Photo-Printmaking Studio / 5. Making Negatives Part III. Light-Sensitive Methods
6. Cyanotypes / 7. Van Dyke Brown Prints / 8. Gum Bichromate Prints / 9. Casein Pigment Prints / 10. Kwik Prints / 11. Platinum and Palladium Printing / 12. Enlargement Emulsions
Annotated Bibliography / Supply Sources / Glossary / Index

Painterly Photography Painterly Photography: Awakening the Artist within
Elizabeth Murray

This is a beautiful book with wonderful pictures created by Polaroid SX-70 manipulation. Many good hints on how to work with Time Zero film.

Review by Lori Cartmell, Toronto, Canada. This book contains beautiful examples of how to use SX-70 manipulation to produce Impressionist-like images (Murray has also authored the book "Monet's garden", and clearly favours painterly images). Many of the manipulated Polaroids in Murray's book have been handpainted as well, creating images which are very much like oil paintings. Murray provides a section at the back of the book describing tools and equipment which can be used for manipulations, a resource list suggesting where to obtain cameras or art supplies, and contact information for Polaroid. Also included are instructions on how to adapt a Polaroid 600 series camera to accept SX-70 film, and how to project slides onto SX-70 film using an enlarger. This book's main strength is the wonderful inspiration it provides through examples of Murray's exquisite images.

Instant Photo/Instant Art Instant photo/instant art
Dominic Sicilia

"The new simple technique that turns SX-70 Polaroid photos into beautiful frameable paintings". This 1977 book is out of print but it can be found sometime in used books. The best SX-70 manipulation pictures I've ever seen.

Review by Lori Cartmell, Toronto, Canada. This book provides a wealth of information on the actual technique of manipulating SX-70 images. Sicilia describes how manipulating the emulsion affects the fluidity and colour of the image, how the light and dark areas of the image respond differently to the process, and how each film batch differs in fluidity and colour rendition. He gives detailed information on using different treatments depending on what the subject matter is, and gives examples of what techniques to use on such subjects as buildings, seascapes, trees, flowers, people, cars, faces, etc. Sicilia also provides suggestions on how to expand the highlights in the image to add emphasis and how to add patterns to the background. This is by far the best book on the "how-to" of manipulating an SX-70 print.

Familiar Subjects: Polaroid SX70 Impressions
Norman Locks

Another early (1978) book on SX-70 manipulations in a more graphical style very different from "painterly photography" of Sicilia or Murray. Out of print.

Linda McCartney

Wide Open: Photographs
Linda McCartney

Landscape and still life: 1. Platinum prints on mould-made paper Arches Aquarel. 2. Photogravure prints on mould-made paper Somerset TP. 3. Silver-bromide prints. 4. Polaroid transfers on cartridge paper.

French Dreams

French Dreams
Stephen Rothfeld

This collection of photographs (Polaroid transfers) taken over a seven-year period consists of landscapes, portraits, still lifes, vignettes, and studies, all delicately capturing the intimate beauty of France.

Italian Dreams

Italian Dreams
Stephen Rothfeld

An impressionist, sensuous celebration of Italy via stunning and dreamy handmade Polaroid transfers of muted colors and soft lines.

Irish Dreams

Irish Dreams
Stephen Rothfeld

"Ireland, Sir, for good or evil,
is like no other place under heaven;
and no man can touch its sod
or breathe its air without becoming
better or worse. - George Bernard Shaw"


Innovation/Imagination: 50 Years of Polaroid Photography

Published to accompany a traveling exhibition, this book brings together 82 superb works from the Polaroid collection that present an overview of the past 50 years of photography. 90 color photos

Polaroid Land Photography
Ansel Adams

Deborah Schenck

In My Garden
Deborah Schenck

Deluxe notecards

Deborah Schenck

20 Assorted Notecards & Envelopes

Deborah Schenck

Deborah Schenck

20 Assorted Notecards & Envelopes

Deborah Schenck

Deborah Schenck

Notecards with recipies

more note cards, journals, address books and other Polaroid transfer art items by Deborah Schenck

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