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Fort Collins, Colorado

Carlo Braschi
The color of flowers

Edwardo Aites
Travels in Tuscany

Lisa Cerizo-Healey
Scenes of the Midwest

Si Holley
Crimson and Gold

Jane Linders
Elvis Has Left The Building

Sheri Wills
Newest Specimens

Melinda Carvalho
Simplicity, Harmony and Balance

Joan Emm
A Way of Seeing

Gary Auerbach
Portraits in Platinum and Polaroid

Stephen Jay Lunsford
Shape, Texture, Form

Catherine Sobredo
Transfers & SX-70 Manipulations

Joe Besse
Louisiana in SX-70 Manipulations

Lorne Resnick
Travel & Stock Images

Michael Pannier

Louise Roach
In Search of the Jabberwock

Steve Hoglund
Variations on tulips

Wong Hoi Fai Chris
The Polaroid art of angels

Luc Van Quickenborne
Futuroscope and scarecrow

Tina Martin
It's About Light!

Corey Shadow
Nude and landscape studies

polaroid transfer art, technique and tips

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