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Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake
First water test of my Patuxent
(deck is still not finished)
May 1999
  • location: near Loveland
    northern Colorado
  • elevation: 4,958 feet feet
  • size: 1,800 acres
  • controling agency:
    Colorado Divisions of Parks [more info]
  • entrance fee: daily or annual vehicle pass
  • directions from Denver:
    take I-25 north to the Loveland exit, travel west on U.S. 34 into Loveland to Madison Street; travel north on Madison to Larimer County Road 24E, then east on County Road 24E to County Road 11C, turn north to the park entrance
  • MAP of paddling destinations
  • blog entries
Boyd Lake My launching beach just across a bike lane from the parking lot. At high water level there are nice sandy beaches within the State Park. Unfortunately, the lower water level uncovers very sticky mud.
Boyd Lake SE corner of the lake with some water vegetation
Boyd Lake Flying pelicans with the Front Range of Rocky Mountains in the background
Boyd Lake Dusk after paddling, May 2000
Boyd Lake at moonlight September 2001. Moonlight paddling in my Sea Wind canoe from 7 to 11pm: 3 laps around the lake (very low water level), no stops except drinking and eating on water, 20.5 miles, 4h 16m, average speed about 4.8 mph. It was probably somewhat higher since a sensor propeller from my speedometer jumped out of the water quite often. Conditions: from the chop caused by boat wakes to perfectly calm water when jet skis went to bed, to some light wind later. I was more tired after these 4 hours than after the 15 hour paddling day on the Dismal River a week earlier.

July 2002. After paddling my X-treme canoe for several months in preparation to Texas Water Safari, I've returned back to my sea kayak. It doesn't feel very comfortable but it is the most photogenic boat from my paddling fleet. I paddle mostly Boyd Lake starting around sunrise to avoid power boats and heat.
Boyd Lake at sunrise Boyd Lake at sunrise

Boyd Lake video July 2002. The water level dropped down to 28' below full and the boat ramp was closed. The lake is much more quite now, so I could enjoy my evening with a beautiful stormy sky and sunset.

The result of this paddling: a video clip in avi format: 56kb/s | 516kb/s - my first attempt to use more seriously that feature of my Canon PowerShot S40 digital camera. The camera in its waterproof case was mounted on a minitripod and kept on a deck with bungee cord. It is a movie from the kayak's perspective that is quite different from what the paddler usually sees.

July 2003. The reservoir is nearly full. I am paddling early morning or at sunset to avoid heat and jet skis.
Boyd Lake at sunrise Boyd Lake at sunrise
Boyd Lake at sunset Boyd Lake at sunset
Boyd Lake October 16, 2004.
Foggy morning. Starting to paddle Sisson Nucleus kayak at the beach near sailbot ramp. The reservoir was nearly full.
November 2, 2004.
One of small hidden bays on western side of the lake. Paddling Surfrigger canoe in late afternoon, the only boat on the lake.
Boyd Lake

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