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Lake Hattie, Wyoming

Lake Hattie

Lake Hattie

  • location: about 15 miles west of Laramie, WY, at foothills of Medicine Bow Mountains
  • size: 2,239 acres
  • controling agency:
    Wyoming Game & Fish Department
  • entrance fee: no
  • directions from Laramie, WY: take Wyoming Road 230 towards Woods Landing, after about 10 miles turn right - follow the signs "Laramie Prairie Lakes" and then "Lake Hattie"

  • map

... majestic pelicans, a hunting fox, proghorns, cattle, and a lot of wind. Well, it's Wyoming.

The upper (western) part of the lake is pretty shallow. Appearance of coastlines and islands is changing with water level.
Lake Hattie
Connie paddling Feathercraft
Lake Hattie
northern coast at sunset
Lake Hattie
... time to drive home
(about 1.5 hour to Fort Collins).

Lake Hattie 9/20/2003.

Evening paddling with Connie. We took Surfrigger and Sea Wind.

Windy as usual. Some happy windsurfers. No power boats. Low water level. It was plenty of water in the lower part of the lake and it was possible to paddle to the upper part through a narrow windy but quite deep channel. However, the the entry to the upper lake was blocked by weeds and mud.

Lake Hattie

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