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training & racing:

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all pictures and content © Marek Uliasz

20 years of paddling folding kayaks in Poland, sailing Baltic Sea, and hiking Carpatian and Tatra Mountains. 17 years in Colorado paddling kayaks and canoes, exploring local lakes and rivers wherever one can find water.

6 years of long distance endurance racing including Texas Water Safari, WaterTribe Challenges, Colorado River 100, and Missouri River 340. Hiking, biking and in-line skating for crosstraining.

Since always photography and recently videomaking. More than 10 years of WWW publishing and blogging.

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compare prices for waterproof cameras:
Pentax Optio W30 and W20
Olympus Stylus SW 720 and 770 SW

Guiness record surfski

300 Nonstop Miles Solo in a Surfski
or Eaten Alive by Florida Bay
2007 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge story by Carter Johnson, a holder of Guinness 24 Hour Flat Water Paddling Record and the best solo time in WaterTribe history

suction cup camera mount on kayak

Sticky Pod Camera Mounts

sea kayak strokes

sea kayaking rough waters

Kayaks you can build

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Verlen Kruger books

Shooting Paddlers: Photographic Adventures with Canoeists, Kayakers and Rafter

new kayaking books in 2007

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paddling with a camera

paddling with a camera

fit2paddle - fitness paddling

fit2paddle - fitness paddling

virtual race

Virtual Race by Kayak and Canoe

... from West Hansen tips on training and racing:
If it's no longer fun, then quit. I've seen racers get really personal and mean towards each other
when this is supposed to be what we do for fun and excitement.

Carter Johnson about his 2007 Everglades Challenge race:
As for the Surfski, I suspect the exposure factor over 300 miles is greater than any speed gains.
I am sure someday soon a strong sea kayaker will prevail over the course.
But the Surfski is what defines my love for paddle sports and the ocean so it will always be where you find me.

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