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Horsetooth Reservoir panorama #2

Small boat sailing & cruising

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Wayfarer Book The Wayfarer Book, 1995, 3rd edition

available from Wayfarer Associations

Dinghy Cruising Dinghy Cruising: The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat
Margaret Dye

Sailing to the Edge of Fear

Frank Dye

Frank Dye's name is synonymous with open-dinghy sailing where his nautical feast have made him a cult figure. In "Sailing to the Edge of Fear" published in 1999, Dye and his belowed Wayfarer dinghy, Wanderer, take us on an epic adventure - spanning seven summers - from Florida, along the Eastern Seaboard of U.S.A., past New York and Maine to New Brunswick, Canada, through the foggy waters of Nova Scotia, up the treacherous St. Lawrence River, and finally to the western reaches of the Great Lakes.

Ocean Crossing Wayfarer Ocean Crossing Wayfarer: To Iceland and Norway in an open boat, 1977
Frank and Margaret Dye

This 1977 book is out of print but it can be often found in used books.

Open Boat Cruising Open Boat Cruising, 1973
John Glasspool
Beachcruising and Coastal Camping Beachcruising and Coastal Camping
Ida Little and Michael Walsh

Frugal Yachting Frugal Yachting: Family Adventuring in Small Sailboats
Larry Brown
Trailer Sailing Handbook of Trailer Sailing
Robert F. Burgess

Looking After Your Dinghy Looking After Your Dinghy
Terry Smith

Here's all the advice a dinghy owner needs, whether novice or expert, to maintain a dinghy at its peak.

Boat Camping The ABCs of Boat Camping
Gordon Groene and Janet Groene

This practical book by the noted outdoor authors Janet and Gordon Groene addresses the owners of small boats who are tempted by the prospects of camping or family overnighting on or near the water. This book applies equally to small sail and powerboat owners as well as to those who perfer canoes or rafts since it focuses mainly on the unique aspects of boat camping and outdoor living.

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