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CLC Patuxent 19.5

clam before installing deck
glueing panales foot braces

I have built a stitch and glue kayak, Patuxent 19.5, from the Chesapeake Light Craft kit. The construction took me about 6 weeks (April-May, 1999). I chose to compromise between a standard quite light version and heavier expedition option: 4 mm deck instead of 3 mm, 6 oz glass on the hull, 4 oz glass inside the cockpit, but no glass on the deck. I made few other modifications from the standard kit: plywood bulkheads and installing foot braces without drilling through the hull. I also installed a rudder running cables not through the deck but through side panels just below sheer clamps. The total weight with the rudder, seat and deck rigging is about 46 lbs.

This long and narrow kayak (length: 19'6", beam: 21") is very fast, a little tippy, but the secondary stability is pretty good. I use it mainly for day paddling in Colorado and Wyoming lakes. These waters are rather quiet with some occasional strong and gusty winds, especially, in Wyoming. The most rough conditions I encountered on the Seminoe Reservoir in Wyoming: 3' wind waves. It was wet (the narrow bow has not much buoyancy) but exciting trip.

During winter 2000/2001 when all lakes in Colorado were frozen I was using my kayak on rivers including some class II waters, e.g., Horsethief/Ruby Canyons of Colorado River. Before my trip to Canyonlands I installed a deck compass.

You can find more pictures of my Patuxent in my paddling destinations.


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