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Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

maps | mileage | flow | books | paddling: 2003,2004

Poudre River - Environmental Learning Center

river maps

GPS maps:
Overland-Shields | Shields-Prospect | Prospect-Timnath | Timnath-Windsor | Windsor-Greeley

City of Fort Collins GIS maps

river mileage

mileage landmark
-3.17 Laporte: Overland Trail (Lion Park)
-1.97 gravel mining: river goes through pipes under a road with band conveyer and heavy machinery; portage right, it maybe a nasty place during work hours
-1.34 Taft Hill Bridge
-1.21 dam (Fort Collins Irrigation Ditch), portage right over the ditch
-0.90 a big dam (Larimer and Weld Canal), portage right
-0.30 dam (Josh Ames Ditch), portage right along bike trail
0.00 Shields Street - put in for the Poudre Paddlers Club "town run"
1.05 dam (Lake Canal), portage right; left: Legacy Park
1.28 railroad bridge, College Ave, boat chute - run or portage right along bike trail
1.38 railroad bridge
1.70 Linden Street; left: Gustav Svanson Natural Area
1.94 Lincoln Street, gauge
2.89 Mulberry Street
3.22 Lemay Street
4.14 dam (Timnath Reservoir Inlet), portage right
4.66 old aqueduct
4.82 Timberline Street, left: Riverbend Ponds Natural Area
5.78 Prospect Street; take out for the Poudre Paddlers Club "town run"
6.02 dam (Boxelder Ditch), portage left
6.43 dam (Fossil Creek Reservoir Inlet), portage right along bike trail

below the dam: a narrow channel going right - an easier route, river going left through a rock dam - this route requires a longer portage and then paddling through narrow, fast and twisty channels

6.55 hanging bridge - Environmental Learning Center
7.09 log jam, portage left
7.32 confluence with the left leg (a nice side trip against initially weak current), private bridge, gauge, below left: Archery Range
8.81 railroad bridge, possible log jam
9.03 right: remains of the burned Strauss Cabin, end of Horsetooth Rd - abutment of an old bridge
9.38 right: possible portage to ponds of Arapaho Bend Natural Area
9.65 I-25, big eddy under northbound bridge
10.74 E. Harmony Rd; just above the bridge: strong current, sharp turning left obscured by tree branches; below right: Swetsville Zoo
11.10 Timnath, county road 5, take off before bridge on right (along a line of evergreens), a very friendly resident
11.31 !!! barbed fence across the river followed by three more fences within a mile
13.14 Boxelder Ditch and Fossil Cr Reservoir outlet coming from right
13.81 New Cache Dam and another drop below, portage possible over concrete dam structure with landing on right
13.85 old bridge
15.20 32E road bridge, fallen trees above
15.84 392 highway
16.64 901 highway, bike trail parking on right, lake parking on left
17.04 fallen tree
17.20 diversion dam and another one 0.1 mile downriver, portage both of them on left
19.92 Windsor 7th Street bridge
22.00 railroad bridge with a potential hazard and 257 road bridge, bike trail parking on left
23.00 tunnel like bridge
25.80 bike trail bridge and diversion dam below
26.40 barbed wire fence across the river
26.90 Greeley 95th Streer bridge
28.40 Greeley 83rd Street bridge

Cache la Poudre flow data @:
canyon mouth | Fort Collins | Timnath (above Boxelder Cr) | below New Cache | near Greeley


A users guide to the Wild & Scenic Cache La Poudre River
by Bryan Greene Maddox

Cache la Poudre: The Natural History of a Rocky Mountain River
by Mary A. Evans and Howard Ensign Evans

Riverwalk: Explorations Along the Cache la Poudre River
by William Wylie

Visions Along the Poudre
by Phil Walker

The Poudre: a photo history
by Stanley R. Case

Colorado Rivers and Creeks
by Gordon Banks and Dave Eckardt

maps | mileage | flow | books | paddling: 2003,2004

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