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My sailing resume

1969 Sandomierz, Poland: attempt to built replica of Thor Heyerdal's papyrus reed boat "Ra"; not very successful: not big enough supply of papyrus substitute in a local pond
1970 first folding kayak (double, Polish made "Neptun")
high shool years in Sandomierz, member of water scout troop
  • paddling Neptun and rowing "SZ", a six oar old lifeboat, on the Vistula River
  • building a cabin centerboat sailboat s/y Mariusz (Beryl design by Zbigniew Milewski, strip construction)
  • kayak trip down the Dunabe river from Bratislava, Slovakia to Bucharest, Romania
  • first sea sailing (Gdansk Bay) on s/y Pluton (yacht built in 1930's)
  • 1974 moved to Warsaw
    many kayaking expeditions mostly with my brother Piotr, thousands of kilometers down and up rivers and across lakes, many kilometers of land portages, some favorite rivers: Czarna Hancza, Biebrza, Narew, Brda, Wda, Zbrzyca, Drawa, Drweca, Wel, Dunajec, San; another "Neptun" folding kayak

    Baltic Sea sailing on s/y "Konstanty Maciejewicz" and s/y "Mokotow" from sailing clubs in Warsaw, and on different yachts from Trzebiez Sailing School
  • 1980 - "sea helmsman" certificate, first sailing as a skipper on s/y Misia
  • 1988 - last sailing trip from Poland on s/y Mokotow from Swinoujscie through Kiel Canal to North Sea
  • 1989 moved from Poland to Colorado far away from sea water
    Feathercraft folding kayak K-1 expedition - paddling trips to many mountain lakes in Colorado and Wyoming. Horsetooth Reservoir is my main destination for day paddling.
    1999 Wayfarer dinghy, W-3972 - entry to trailer sailing
    Patuxent 19.5 - building a stitch-and-glue kayak from the Chesapeake Light Craft kit

    s/y Mariusz in the Vistula River Lagoon near Kadyny, 1972?

    s/y Zew Morza

    s/y "Zew Morza" (Call of the Sea) on the Baltic Sea, summer 1981. This yacht rests now on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. 4x5" Polaroid image transfer from 35 mm slide by Marek Uliasz, 1997.
    More Polaroid transfers in LightScapes Gallery.

    Feathercraft & Jeep
    My Feathercraf kayak with wheels attached. Carter Lake, April 1999.

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