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Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe Reservoir
Seminoe Reservoir - Sand Draw accessible by a rather rough road

  • location: Seminoe Reservoir is located on the North Platte River, 72 miles southwest of Casper, and 38 miles north of Sinclair, in Carbon County. Access from I-80 is via Carbon County Road 351 or from US 220 via Natrona County Highway 407 and Carbon County Roads 291 and 351.
  • size: 20,291 acres
  • elevation: 5,800 feet
  • controling agency:
    Division of State Parks & Historic Sites
    Wyoming Department of Commerce
    [more info]
  • entrance fee: yes
  • maps: interactive | Seminoe State Park
  • current reservoir conditions: hydrological data

Seminoe Reservoir
narrow canyon just above the dam

Seminoe is a big reservoir with 180 miles of shoreline fed by two rivers: North Platte and Medicine Bow. Vegetation in the are is mostly of the high desert variety including yucca, greasewood, sagebrush, salt sage, willows, and marsh grasses. No trees, except pine and junipers that can be found on the mountains near the dam. There are also some sand dunes.

Seminoe is the first in series of reservoirs on the North Platte River (next reservoirs are Kortes, Pathfinder and Alcove). When driving to Seminoe State Park from I-80 you can visit Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site.

I have paddled Seminoe twice in summer conditions. Each time I encountered strong winds during afternoon producing steep waves up to 3' tall. Not too many boats.

North Platte River
North Platte River

In summer of 2000 when driving to Seminoe (highway 130 - beautiful route across Medicine Bow National Forest and Snowy Range Pass) I tried to paddle North Platte River below Saratoga. I started at Pick Bridge (quite remote place) and managed to go upstream about 1 mile in 1 hour. The current was pretty strong. Going downstream took me less then 10 minutes.
river flow abover Seminoe near Sinclair
North Platte in Canoe Camping - Top 40

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