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Kayak and Canoe Video Clips

All video clips are presented in 320x240 resolution in avi or wmv (Windows Media Player formats. These are relatively big files up to 12 Mb. Some clips are also prepared in a lower resolution/quality for faster downloading. You can find more information on my camera setup and video editing in my paddling notes. Movies are posted in a chronological order with the newest (and most advanced) on top.

Problems? If you have problems with playing these video clips please check if you have a current version of your Windows Media Player. You need at least version 9.00.

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Boyd Lake | Horsetooth Rapids | Pyramid Lake | Colorado River
South Platte River 1 | North Platte River 2 | Surfrigger | Surfrigger II
Texas Water Safari 2002 | Texas Water Safari 2004 | WaterTribe EC 2003 | WaterTribe EC 2004
Colorado Winter 2005

Colorado Winter Paddling
March 2005

Horsetooth Reservoir
Paddling Sea Wind Canoe on Horsetooth Reservoir west of Fort Collins, CO.

I launched at North Eltuck Cove from Lory State Park and paddled south to Orchard Cove and back. Water Abstracts come from the same paddling trip.

25.7 Mb or 14.8 Mb for Windows Media Player

far far away ...
Texas Water Safari 2004

Texas Water Safari
A short video clip from a trip to Texas in June 2004. The 2004 Texas Water Safari has been postponed due to flooding. Bummer!

(10Mb for Windows Media Player)

Fun of Paddling Upstream

Cache la Poudre River
Paddling upstream of Poudre River below Fort Collins, CO in May 2004. The movie was shot with a "helmet cam" mounted on a bow of Sisson Nucleus 100 kayak and connected to Canon Optura XI camcorder. The royalty free music comes from freeplaymusic.

(16Mb for Windows Media Player)

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge 2004

Fort Desoto, Florida
300 miles in Florida from Fort Desoto at Tampa Bay through Everglades National Park to Key Largo in my Sea Wind during the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge in March 2004. The video was shot with Canon Optura XI camcorder and still pictures with Canon PowerShot S40 camera. The royalty free music comes from freeplaymusic. This is a second movie in the WaterTribe series after EC 2003,

(46Mb for Windows Media Player)

South Platte River Winter

South Platte River
Paddling Sea Wind on South Platte River in January and February od 2004. The video was shot with Canon Optura XI camcorder and "helmet" camera. I used royalty free music from freeplaymusic: "Far from Home","High Drama", "Dark Haze", and "Abandoned".

(23Mb for Windows Media Player)

Surfrigger II

Paddling Surfrigger on Horsetooth Reservoir and Boyd Lake. The movie was edited using video clips shot from July to December, 2003 using Canon PowerShot S40 camera on board in a waterproof case and Canon Optura XI camcorder on land mounted on a tripod. This is a sequel to my original Surfrigger video clip.

(14.5Mb for Windows Media Player)

North Platte River, WY: Treasure Island to Pick Bridge,
May 26, 2003

North Platte
A day paddling trip from Treasure Island above Saratoga to Pick Bridge. It was much higher flow than during my April 2002 run: N. Platte @ Gateway ~1000 cfs + Encampment River ~1500cfs, N. Platte @ near Sinclair ~3500cfs, easy paddling, no obstacles except the Pick Ditch Dam below Saratoga that was fun to run, a lot of floaters. There was still a lot of snow in Medicine Bow Mountains.

(11.5Mb for Windows Media Player)

Colorado River, Palisade to Westwater
April, 2003

Black Rocks
A weekend paddling trip on the Colorado River, April 12-13, 2003: Palisade (Riverband Park) - Fruita (Colorado River State Park) - Westwater. River flow: ~300cfs at Palisade, ~1400cfs at Colorado/Utah state border. More pictures from this trip.

(9.5Mb for Windows Media Player)

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, March, 2003

Everglades Challenge

My photo impressions from WaterTribe Everglades Challenge and paddling in Florida with my Surfrigger after a long driving from Colorado.

pictures & story

(12Mb for Windows Media Player)

Surfrigger, February, 2003

Surfrigger video First paddling with Surfrigger (solo outrigger canoe) on partially frozen Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area in Fort Collins, CO. Two days later the pond was frozen.

(8.6Mb for Windows Media Player)

Pyramid Lake, Nevada, September 27, 2002

Pyramid Lake video A short paddling on Pyramid Lake near Reno, NV (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Reservation): starting on the west coast below Indian Head rock, crossing the lake to visit the Pyramid area, returning back on the other side of the Anahoe Island.

56kbs - 624kb 700kbs - 4.3Mb
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Texas Water Safari, June, 2002

TWS video Highlights from the 2002 Texas Water Safari by Steffen Saustrup and Q-continuum team (Marek & Connie Uliasz). More pictures and stories about this in my reports from TWS-2001, TWS-2002 and TWS-2003

9.4Mb & 5Mb versions for Windows Media Player and 11.4Mb avi
In my TWS 2003 report there are two short video clips included: my training run on San Marcos just before the race and the finish of three boats at Seadrift.

South Platte River, November 2, 2002

South Platte River video My traditional winter trip on the South Platte River starting at Mitani-Tokuyasu State Wilderness Area below Greeley, paddling upstream to Plumb Ditch dam and back. Some snow and freezing temperatures but the river started to flow again after very dry summer. Unfortunately, there was lot of duck hunters.

56kbs - 961kb 700kbs - 6.9Mb
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Horsetooth "Rapids", Colorado, September 7, 2002

Horsetooth Reservoir has been drained to about 5% of the its full capacity for dams renovation. It consists of three ponds connected by two narrow channels.
Horsetooth rapids video In the beginning of September 2002 it was enough flow to create some whitewater and rapids in the first channel. Two weeks later the whitewater was gone.

56kbs - 729kb 700kbs - 4.3Mb
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Boyd Lake, Colorado, August, 2002

Boyd Lake video An evening paddling on Boyd Lake with a beautiful stormy sky and sunset. My first video clip with a camera mounted on the deck of my sea kayak.

56kbs - 560kb 700kbs - 2.3Mb
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Boyd Lake | Horsetooth Rapids | Pyramid Lake | Colorado River
South Platte River 1 | North Platte River 2 | Surfrigger | Surfrigger II
Texas Water Safari 2002 | WaterTribe EC 2003 | WaterTribe EC 2004
Colorado Winter 2005

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