Wed - May 17, 2006

Kayaking Upstream of the Poudre River below Fort Collins

May 16, 2006. Finally, the water showed up in the Poudre River in Fort Collins, so I took Sisson Nucleus for an afternoon workout. I started at the end of the Horsetooth Road (Strauss Cabin parking) and reached the river through two ponds in Arapaho Bend Natural Area. The water level in these ponds was lower than last year and a short portage between them was necessary.

The water flow in the Poudre was about 300 cfs and was just ideal for upstream paddling: deep enough in rapids but still possible to paddle against the current. I made 3 miles upstream to the dam behind Environmental Learning Center. I didn't portage the dam to make loop, but returned the same way down river. There were some changes in this stretch of the river. One potentially dangerous strainer was gone.

Good workout! I even saw an aluminium canoe going down river.

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