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Kayak and Canoe Paddling in Northern Colorado and Vicinity (UT, WY, NE)

I have been living at Fort Collins in northern Colorado for 17 years. Before 1999 I had only a folding kayak, Feathercraft K1 expedition, and I didn't paddle very often at least according to my today standards. Nevertheless, in addition to my local Horsettooth Reservoir, I visited several mountain lakes including Dillon, Turquois and Granby. In 1999 I built CLC Patuxent 19.5 and started a real exploration of Colorado waters. At the same time my garage started to convert into a boathouse ...

All this time I have been recording my paddling trips with a camera and later with a GPS. I have started to post my photo reports at Mountain Wayfarer web page. I am always exploring new ways to present this information on-line. Today, my paddling resources are spread over several web pages. It may be useful to provide a short summary what is available and some information on ongoing projects.

1. Paddling destinations at Mountain Wayfarer site. This is the original site with my paddling reports.

2. A map of paddling destinations using Google maps API (application software interface). This is the ongoing project. Each destination marker can be opened for a picture that is linked to a paddling destination at Mountain Wayfarer or to a related blog entry.

3. River guides. These are more detailed river descriptions with GPS tracks, mileage and and maps prepared as a result of numerous day trips. Most often these were upstream/downstream trip in my Sisson Nucleus kayak.

So far, I have covered the Poudre River from Laporte to Greeley and a few miles of Big Thompson River below Loveland. I have gathered all information to prepare a similar description of South Platte River from its confluence with St Vrain River to Cooper Bridge below Fort Morgan.

Eventually, I am planning to upgrade all maps in those pages to Google maps similar to the coverage of Dismal River.

4. Wayfarer trip index. It covers blog entries from from recent trips and paddling workouts.

5. Paddling Colorado - links to Colorado paddling resources including books. They have not been updated for while.

6. Weather and water . The river flow information is essential to planning any paddling in Colorado.

7. Finally, my video clips illustrate some of our local waters: Boyd Lake, Horsetooth Reservoir, Beaver Pond, Poudre, South Platte and Colorado Rivers.

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