Thu - June 29, 2006

Rocky Mountain Front Range, Devil's Backbone and Boedecker Lake

06/27/06. A nice paddling evening on Boedecker Reservoir near Loveland. Interesting clouds over the mountains. A distant rainbow, but too weak to photograph it without a polarizer filter. The water level was about 3' lower than six weeks ago. Some islands were not islands any more. One fishing boat and two canoes.

I paddled my old CLC Patuxent 19.5 kayak. It is already 7 years old! After installing a new seat (bumfortable seat from Steve Gurney as in my Sisson), the Patuxent is much more fun to paddle. I even tried to paddle 1000 m sprint for the virtual race. I started with a good speed around 6.8 mph but after a minute or so I started to wheeze and needed to slow down.

I found a good spot on lake to photograph Devil's Backbone (the third picture). I need to return back with my SLR camera and a telephoto lens. All pictures above were shot with Pentax Optio W10.

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