Sat - March 5, 2005

Puddle Paddling on the Poudre with Seda Cyclone

Seda Cyclone and the Poudre
A short afternoon paddling in Arapaho Bend Natural Area. My second time in Seda Cyclone.

I parked at the eastern end of Horsetooth Road and launched on Small Bass Pond, paddled to Big Bass Pond though a narrow passage, portaged to the Poudre, and then, after a few laps, returned back the same way to my launching spot.

Almost no flow in the river - 5 cfs reported above Timnath. However, there was still possible to paddle a puddle of standing water from my portage down to I-25. Water was somewhat muddy and stinky. It seems that the flow of 15 cfs as I had last time helps to keep things cleaner.

A blue kayak with a yellow paddle may look quite good in a brown winter landscape. I managed to do some straight paddling in Cyclone, just with an occasional spin up. I am getting ready to paddle her on a river with some flowing water.

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