Mon - November 21, 2005

Length of on-line video clips?

Winter is coming. With a little bit of snow my local waters may get more photogenic than there are right now in late fall. We don't get much snow in Fort Collins area and it never last longer than a few days. South Platte Rriver is often the only open water in northern Colorado during winter but snow is a real rarity there.

I am shooting most of my videos during winter time when I paddle a stable Sea Wind canoe. I am just making plans for a new movie and started to review my old video clips. Below you can play South Platte River Winter shot during January and February of 2004.

South Platte River Winter

I wonder whether my movie is not too long for the on-line viewing. Has anybody managed to watch the entire thing? After all it is not an action loaded whitewater clip. I don't have any amazing stunts like Nic Riosa either. What is the optimal length of this kind of movie? 1 minute? 3 minutes? This movie was 7 minutes and 6 seconds. Of course, you could loose your patience before the downloading was completed ...

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