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Shooting Video with Pentax Optio WP - Boat Towing and Paddling South Platte River

South Platte River 2005
I paddled only three times in December 2005. Since all my local lakes remain frozen I drove to South Platte River near Greeley. The river flows between 400 and 500 cfs at Kersey which is lower than usual. I paddled twice in upstream/downstream mode starting from Mitani-Tokuyasu SWA and from the Kersey bridge. I also did one down river run from Evans River Park to Kersey. In upstream paddling I had to used a ski pole to push my Sea Wind over some shallow spots. Each time I was finishing my paddling well after sunset. During my last trip on December 30th hundreds of geese were trying to land on my head just above Kersey.

Parking at the Mitani-Tokuyasu SWA is now limited to 4 cars only. So, this place is not suitable as a river access for any larger groups of paddlers at least during the hunting season. This SWA was closed last year for the nesting season from March to August and, probably, will be closed this year again.

During my first trip on December 20th there was still snow on banks and ice on the river, so I used that occasion to test Pentax Optio WP in a movie mode. I was also testing a new camera mounting system (I will write about it soon). The movie include some scenes from towing my boat in Fort Collins in a preparation for the Ultimate Florida Challenge. As usual I edited the movie with Adobe Premiere (I am still with the 6.5 version).

South Platte River
December 2005

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