Thu - June 8, 2006

12 seconds of paddling upstream the Poudre - 640x480 video from Pentax Optio W10

In my recent comparisons of Pentax Optio WP and W10 in video mode I posted both movies in 320x240 pixel resolution. I was asked to post a short movie from Optio W10 in the original 640x480 pixel resolution. So, here you are: 12 seconds of paddling upstream of the Poudre River below Fort Collins, Colorado:

12 seconds on the Poudre

Pentax camera writes movies in the QuickMovie format. The original 9:44 minute movie takes about 602 Mb of memory. I don't have the QuickTime Pro to cut a shorter clip from it, so I used Adobe Premiere 6.5 to extract 12 s movie. I had problems (or not enough time to work with settings) to get it in the original QuickTime movie at a reasonable size and I ended up in writing it in the avi format. I don't see any significant difference in quality from the original camera output.

To get an idea about quality of W10 movies you can also check 640x480 pixel frames extracted from the camera video in my previous post. They were posted without any adjustment or sharpening.

The recent survey of 10 new digital compact cameras mentioned in my other post provides a good comparison of these cameras in a video mode. Both waterproof cameras, Pentax Optio W10 and Olympus SW 720, are included in that survey.

The above picture was also extracted from the original Optio W10 video but was resized to my "standard" web size of 600x450 pixels and I slightly increased its brightness.

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